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A very cool Horsefly, wearing cool sunglasses, just landed on the very common Plantago lanceolata plant that is very useful for humans, as food and medicine ...
IMG_8052 malo.jpg
... some small bug from the Miridae family ...
... is hiding among the florets of the Knautia arvensis flower ...
IMG_8058 malo.jpg
... the fly is cleaning its mouth apparatus ...
... the bug came out on the open, now is standing on the top of the flower ...
IMG_8059 malo.jpg
... the Horsefly is still occupied with face washing.
IMG_7869 malo.jpg
A minuscule iridescent wasp is running up and down the Thistle plant stem ... among the long line of aphids ... pushing them with the forelegs occasionally ...
IMG_7516 malo.jpg
... while, a still small but considerably bigger, wild bee has just finished feeding on the Hypochaeris radicata flower.
IMG_7478 malo.jpg
Many meadow inhabitants are resting on the ears of grass ...
... this Hippodamia variegata Lady beetle ...
IMG_7182 malo.jpg
... a small butterfly from the Hesperiidae family ( There are quite a few similar looking species around here) ...
IMG_7360 malo.jpg
... a relatively large tick waiting for some host animal ...
IMG_7713 malo.jpg
... a small orange colored wasp that recently visited some pollen rich flower ...
IMG_7482 malo.jpg
... and another small bee.
The Lygus bug nymph is posing on some currently unidentified plant ...
IMG_6908 malo.jpg
... and so is this Pyrrhocoris apterus nymph ... but on a different plant.
IMG_7598 malo.jpg
Many small flowers are scattered around.
IMG_3697 malo.jpg
There is this beautiful orange one ... and then ...
P1970929 malo.jpg
... there is this beautiful blue one ... identical in shape, different only in color.
IMG_6917 malo.jpg
There is this hypnotic seed pod ...
IMG_6923 malo.jpg
... and some ants are transporting one of those things into their underground colony.
A dried out Puff mushroom is standing nearby ... like some strange alien ruin ...
... there is an interesting isolated landscape inside this bowl ...
IMG_7369 malo.jpg
... some kind of little desert ... on some distant planet.
IMG_7562 MALO.jpg
Flat-faced longhorn beetle Agapanthia cardui is climbing along the very thorny Scolymus hispanicus plant.
IMG_3640  malo.jpg
The click beetle is watching the world from high above the long leaf of some pretty tall grass.
A small grasshopper nymph is resting on some hairy leaf.
IMG_7368 malo.jpg
The Oulema melanopus beetle is resting on some plant that has some similarity to Dandelion ... but its flowers and seeds are much bigger.
Some small snout beetle of currently unidentified species is walking around the Malva sylvestris plant ... and then ...
IMG_6910 malo.jpg
... starts to feed on the same plant. And now ...
IMG_3681 malo.jpg
... while showing you some more bug species I don't know much about ... I would like to tell you a few words about the concept of this post.
I spend a lot of these warm days filled with interesting flora and fauna, on the meadows not far from my home. I take a lot of pictures each day and is getting difficult to come up with an effective title for this kind of meadow - themed posts. :) That's how the "NEWS FROM THE MEADOWS PROJECT" was born.
IMG_7386 malo.jpg
Hope you like this meadow stuff :D because a lot more of it is coming.
IMG_7731 malo.jpg
As always in these posts on HIVE, all the photographs are my work.
The beetle on the last photograph is the Lachnaia italica, a leaf beetle species.


So many different arthropods! Watch out for ticks! I think the dandelion-like plant you referred to might be salsify.

I checked salsify photographs on Internet. Could be, definitely.

Another cool set of pictures that could be serve as great resources for researchers in the nearest future. Do keep up the good works.

Thank you :) Glad you like these photo collections from the nature in my area.

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Thank you

Wow! These insects are from outer planets of the galaxy!! They wear very strange costumes!

I am hypnotised by that seed pot!! You must have very good eyesight to see these tiny things!

Very superb photography!!

Thanks :) the spiral seed is a powerful thing !

So many cool bugs! I dunno which one is better...
Love the hypnotic seed!

:= ) Thanks, greetings from the bugs and the meadows. Hypnotic seed is a powerful thing, maybe should be even illegal for its visual properties :D

News from the meadows :D Love the title. Looks like everything is ok in the meadows :) Btw is it just me or are your close ups getting even more sharp and impressive with every post?

I think you are right :) I have some new cool equipment since the end of last summer, and a lot of practicing these days surely has some impact on how the new stuff looks.

Ah, that´s why... makes sense :) Cool, keep the quality up. Looking forward to more "news from the meadow" :D

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It gets scary when I imagine them the size of a human)

Most of them will surely look scary :) ... but then some, like fluffy moths and some jumping spiders, will maybe look funny.

This is so, but still they are like aliens) And we are lucky that they are so small)

True :) I like them small too.


Oomph, how many ticks to you end up getting when you go out on photoshoots?

Always less than I expect :D fortunately ... it comes up to 4 - 7 for the whole season (and the year actually) ... there is a lot of them here only in spring. I see them sporadically also in summer, but never got one in summer ... for what I remember.