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On the following photograph ...

IMG_8185 malo.jpg

... you can see a bush - cricket ...

IMG_8183 malo.jpg

... the flightless, well-rounded Isophya modesta bush - cricket ...

IMG_8178 malo.jpg

... on the cluster of yellow flowers ...

P2010171 malo.jpg

... on the plant called the Spanish broom (Spartium junceum) ... one of the most numerous plants in the coastal shrubland.

IMG_7509 malo.jpg

Here is another green cricket ...

IMG_7503 malo.jpg

... on the same plant ...

IMG_7491 malo.jpg

... but this one has long, well - developed wings.

IMG_7492 malo.jpg

Tettigonia viridissima is the name of the species.

IMG_5832 malo.jpg

These minuscule beetles ... the Fabogethes nigrescens pollen beetles ...

IMG_5840 malo.jpg

... are hiding and feeding deep between the petals.

IMG_0624 malo.jpg

The colorful Trichodes apiarius also feeds on pollen ... but the larvae of these beetles grow inside bee hives after hatching out of the eggs that the female has laid there, feeding on larvae and nymphs of various bee species.

IMG_5866 malo.jpg

This bug from the Miridae family ...

IMG_5848 malo.jpg

... is feeding on the plant's sap ...

IMG_5847 malo.jpg

... through a sharp proboscis.


Here you can see some minuscule wasp ... I don't know the name of the species.

IMG_0436 malo.jpg

Many small spiders are hanging around and in between the flowers ...

IMG_0437 malo.jpg

... and here as well, just like with the small wasp before, I can't tell you the name of the species. The spider miniature on the following shot ...

IMG_8433 malo.jpg

... is even smaller ...

IMG_8434 malo.jpg

... and very differently shaped.

IMG_8374 malo.jpg

This lovely butterfly, the Marbled white (Melanargia galathea) is just resting under the shrub ... the Fritillary butterfly on the following photograph ...

IMG_6739 malo.jpg

... is resting on the shrub.

IMG_6736 malo.jpg

I never noticed them feeding on these flowers.

IMG_9530 malo.jpg

This is Thymelicus sylvestris, the Small Skipper butterfly, also resting on the shrub.

IMG_0417 malo.jpg

Here is another small spider ...

IMG_0431 malo.jpg

... but this species doesn't build webs ...

IMG_0422 malo.jpg

... the one on these photograph has just caught an ant.

IMG_0428 malo.jpg

This relatively big, fat aphid was calmly feeding above the dramatic scene with the hunter and its prey.

IMG_9547 malo.jpg

This hairy, fluffy jumping spider was actively patrolling the branches in search for a good hunting opportunity.

IMG_7495 malo.jpg

Here you can see the Eupeodes corollae hover fly ... on the fresh new buds of Spartium junceum plant.

IMG_9492 malo.jpg

Here is another bug ...

IMG_9497 malo.jpg

... some shield bug species ... ready to fly away.

DSC02297 malo.jpg

And now ...

IMG_8258 malo.jpg

... with this shinny Cryptocephalus sericeus leaf beetle ... is time to end the first part of this colorful mini - series ... have a good day ... or night ... wherever on this wonderful planet you are ...


... THE END. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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