in Fascinating Insectslast year

At the end of the sunny day, as the night was approaching ...


... the butterflies became quiet and easy to photograph ... if you have a good flash ...


... they stood still on the flowers, branches and leaves of the blackberry shrubs ...


... that grow in stretches along the dusty road that leads along the sea. The species that you saw on the opening shots, is the marbled white (Melanargia galathea).


Here you can see another very common species that flies around the shrubs and meadows in this coastal area ...


... the meadow brown (Maniola jurtina). This is the female. It looks like a dry leaf standing on the green one.


Here you can see the male of this species.


As the butterflies are getting quiet, the moths are becoming active. If you enlarge this enlargeable photograph, you may notice a moth in between two meadow brown butterflies in the center of the picture.


This is the Dysgonia algira, a moth from the Erebidae family.


There is plenty of cool stuff to see while walking in the evening along these narrow, winding roads surrounded with biodiversity ...


... beside the beautiful scenery and the fiery sky.

IMG_0352 malo.jpg

The longhorn bees (Eucera longicornis) ...


... are hanging in clusters from the leaves of the tall grass.


During the day, the bees fly alone ... and in the evening you can see them resting in small groups. While the bees are ready for the good night sleep ...


... the mosquitoes are buzzing around me in search for blood.


This small beetle ...


... the Curculio glandium weevil, is resting on the top of the grass.


There is something interesting on every step ...


For the growing nymph of the Acrometopa macropoda bush - cricket ...


... these evening moments, slightly humid, with no strong sun around ... are ideal time to shed the old exoskeleton ...


they do it in the evening, during the night, early in the morning ... or during the rare cloudy days.


I took these photographs a few weeks ago ...


... the sun was going down in the distance, behind the village called Liznjan ...


... and about a half kilometer from that village ...


... right under my nose ...


... this pretty large moth, from the Geometridae family, was resting on the top of the tall wild carrot plant.


A few meters further ...


... on the thorny golden thistle, I encountered another moth ...


And now ... after a big dose of twilight atmosphere ...


... I want to show you some shots taken earlier that day ...


... when the sun was high ...


... and this leaf beetle, the Galeruca interrupta ...


... was ready to fly away from the yarrow flower.


With the lovely flowers of the Ononis spinosa plant ...


... this evening post, with some midday elements, has to end - THE END.

As always on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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Thank you :)

Cute post & beautiboll buterflay ;))

Twilight is the magical part of the day when nocturnal animals take over the shift from the daylight creatures :) Spectacular photos.

Thanks :) ... and it's a less hot part of the summer when the atmosphere feels too perfect to be true. As the summer progresses, there will be much more insect activity during the dark hours ... I'll try to photograph some using the headlamp.

Cool, looking forward to those night shots :) Good luck.

Beautiful sunset, butterflies and a lot of different insects. Nice photographs! Really really nice 👌💛

Thanks :)

Beautiful photos dear, Loved it. Just wondering do you work for Discovery or National Geographical channels? I always gets such professional vibes from your wildlife photography as I am watching a wildlife show. Amazing work, keep it up. 😊🙏

Hehehe, no ... just for HIVE :=) ... and for my own pleasure, this is my favorite pastime.

As the night was approaching

The temperature will go down, so I will not feel like as a chicken being roasted. The temperature is currently 31 °C.
The current local time here is 16:45 CEST, so we are currently in the afternoon.

Have some !PIZZA. Greetings from Hungary.



@borjan! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

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Thanks for the Pizza snack :) We had similar temperatures during the day, here was also 30 - 32 these days ... evenings and early mornings were beautiful, the rest was sunny and nice to see - but too hot.

Nice photography.

An absolute treat going out at dusk capturing such a wonderful variety @borjan

Sunsets and full daylight photography is delightful showing the regions plant life that has all these insects visiting.

@tipu curate

Thank you :) Now in summer the evening is the best time of the day to searching for insects.

That first photo was stunning, the patterns on the wings.

yes, the marbled white has some elegant patterns ... unique and different from other butterflies that live here.