A LOOK BETWEEN THE THORNS - Paliurus spina-christi

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The Cryptocephalus trimaculatus beetles on the following photograph ...
IMG_0042 malo.jpg
... are mating on the thorny plant in the bush near the sea, on one of the many shrubs that make walls of vegetation around the meadows. This colorful insect with Crypto in its name, is a leaf beetle from the Chrysomelidae family.
IMG_8528 malo.jpg
The plant on which these beetles were found and photographed is called Dracha here in my area. Paliurus spina-christi is the scientific name. Because of its many thorns and elastic resilient structure it was used to make barriers for the cattle some time ago ... till not so long ago, actually. On this photograph, the thorny branches are covered with small yellow flowers ... while on the following shot ...
IMG_8522 malo.jpg
... you can see the seeds forming in between the flowers.
IMG_8521 malo.jpg
This spider with shiny abdomen (I don't know the exact species) is passing across the foliage ...
IMG_8536 malo.jpg
... in search for a quiet sheltered place to rest and wait in ambush. It founds it on the lower side of the twig, among the thorns. When the spider assumes the ambushing posture, kind of disappears in its surroundings.
IMG_8531 malo.jpg
This mating pair of Graphosoma lineatum bugs ads a bit of vivid red to this mostly green post.
P2010910 malo.jpg
When the seeds are completely formed they look like this. Small, edible discs.
IMG_3727 malo.jpg
There is a fresh green sprout among the reddish thorns that looks like spider ...
IMG_3725 malo.jpg
... because it's a spider, of course :). The hairy crab spider Heriaeus hirtus.
IMG_0600 malo.jpg
here you can see another mating scene. These small leafhoppers (and again, I don't know the exact species) look like very small version of cicada.
IMG_0614 malo.jpg
I never had the opportunity to see a leafhopper spread its wings. I mean, never before this shot. They usually spread their wings only when they jump, and that happens too fast to be visible. On this occasion the wings were spread long enough to take a good look.
IMG_9952 malo.jpg
If you take a good look at the thorny branch in the foreground of this photograph, you may notice a silky formation under the leaves.
IMG_9950 malo.jpg
Here I got closer to that thing, and as you can see, there is a spider inside.
IMG_9948 KROP malo.jpg
The pretty large female of the Pisaura mirabilis spider is guarding her cocoon.

These spiders like to build their nests in hard to reach, protected places, so you'll encounter this species soon in the next part of this series, on another thorny plant ... and now ...
IMG_9957 malo.jpg
... with the last look at Paliurus spina-christi shrub ... is time to end this post - THE END.
As always in these posts on HIVE, all the photographs are my work.


I love that little green spider! It's pretty cute for a creepy-crawly. I love your bug posts. Such an amazing world hiding in plain sight.

Yeeee !!! :) Glad to see you are back! True, that little monster is unusually cute for a spider.


Thanks :) Always nice to hear a wow.

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We have huge Huntsmen spiders that also make large nests in trees and guard their babies once they have hatched and I just want to cuddle that crab spider!

:) It's a Teddy bear version of the crab spider

Green fur!


Hahaha you found those insects in their prime !!
I like that green spider. At one point I thought you'd say it wasn't a spider.
I love the little eyes of the spiders. I think they cast a spell on me. I always look for them.
Excellent photographs. A pleasure to see you.

:D Thanks

In the next episode :) you'll be able to take a look between the thorns of a very different plant that grows on stony areas, in open spaces near the sea.

Really fantastic!

Thank you :)

This is the first time I've seen the bugs in the first photo. There are many different spots. Your photos are so beautiful by the way ...

Thanks. The bugs can be very colorful.

You' re welcome. Thank you too.