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Exploring the forest is an interesting thing for me. With a quiet natural atmosphere and covered in shady trees, the sound of birds singing makes me calm.
Almost all the animals that I have not found are in this forest.

Like one of these beautiful Beetles, I found in one of the palm petals that was rotten.
The size of this insect is very small as big as an adult's ring finger, and the color is very unique. I tried to approach this insect and took my cellphone camera, and I used a tool, namely a lens, so that the photo was more perfect.

I'm trying to find out about this Beetle via Wikipedia
Tiger beetle
The tiger beetle is one of the beetle groups of the subfamily Cicindelinae which is commonly found in open areas and is exposed to a lot of sunlight.[1][2] The tiger beetle has characteristics, namely the clypeus which extends sideways beyond the base of the antenna, the head of the tiger beetle is wider than the pronotum. The pronotum is narrower than the forewings and then has a brownish/black/green metallic body color and is often colorfully patterned and beetles of all kinds have long or slender legs with a body size of 6–40 millimeters.

Here are some photos of Beetles that I have prepared for friends








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Beautiful insect... And it looks quite difficult to photograph!.... Good job!

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Thanks @jlinaresp :)

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What amazing colors, this beetle is really beautiful 💖