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Hello hive friends, how are you all? I pray that we are all healthy always ok.


So in this post I want to share a story about caterpillars in my garden. On this sunny morning I left the house through the back door, when I opened the back door my eyes went straight to the garden, then I was surprised to find my garden was full of grass, I rushed to take garden cleaning tools such as hoes, machetes , gloves, scissors.

With great enthusiasm I immediately cleaned the garden so that my garden looked beautiful, clean and tidy. Well, when I was cleaning the garden behind the house, I found a fat caterpillar with orange color mixed with black and white. I was very curious about this caterpillar, I immediately immortalized it with a photo using my cellphone camera.

After perpetuating it then I found out on google, how the hell is this caterpillar profitable or detrimental. Well, it turns out that this caterpillar is a pest on vegetable crops. This caterpillar is called the turbulent phosphyla caterpillar he really likes sweet and soft leafy vegetables such as mustard greens, spinach, kale and other types. I grow vegetables with organic methods, so I don't use chemical drugs for plants or commonly called pesticides. So that some pests like caterpillars really like my plants, therefore whenever there are caterpillars I throw them to another place far from my garden area.

Below is a photo of a caterpillar, which is in my garden and I want to share with hive friends:

Turbulent Phosphyla Caterpillar

Turbulent Phosphyla Caterpillar

Turbulent Phosphyla Caterpillar

Turbulent Phosphyla Caterpillar

Turbulent Phosphyla Caterpillar

Ok, maybe this is all I can tell you about the caterpillars in my garden, hopefully hive friends are entertained and happy with my story and if there are shortcomings I apologize.

Photography( Caterpillar )
Camera UsedSmartphone
Modelredmi note 8
LocationAceh Forest

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