Wasps and their nests

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Hello Fascinating Insect Lover..

About 4 days ago, on August 18th, I went hunting for mushrooms in the cocoa and oil palm plantations. While looking for mushrooms I saw a type of small wasp that was in the nest. As for the wasp species I mean it seems to be Sceliphron, genus of Hymenoptera of the Sphecidae family of wasps.

Before I made the decision to photograph this wasp I had some doubts, this is because of whether this type of wasp is aggressive. Of course I stood for a while near the nest and thought about the worst, after watching them for a while I finally decided to take a picture.

And thankfully until I finished taking some photos perfectly I didn't get attacked by these wasps, but several times when my lens got too close to these wasps they got annoyed and chose to fly instead of attacking me.

Finally I had to move to another location while looking for mushrooms, after a while later I returned to this wasp nest location and continued to photograph them. And below I have uploaded some photos of the wasps I mean. Hope you are interested and like it. Thank you










CameraVivo V2040 + Macro Lens
CategoryInsect Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

Really cool wasp! Glad you decided to take the photos 😁

Thank you @funferall
I was hesitant because when I was a kid when I was bitten by a wasp and it hurt so much.. :)

I never knew wasps could look that beautiful... 😳... It's amazing. That blue color...

Thank you @deraaa :)

oh gosh look at that! What a majestic creature! Fantastic shots.

Thank you so much @clairemobey :)

Super cool photos

I had no idea they were so beautiful

amazing, the picture you share looks very good and so clear.