Sumatran Great Fox-Spider


While walking this afternoon, I found a great fox-spider crawling across the Saweuk River's surface, in North Aceh. It crawled slowly on a coral rock in the middle of the river a moment later.


Because its abdomen wasn't as huge as the female's, I guessed it was a male spider. Brown with greenish-black stripes, about 10 millimeters long; the perfect color for camouflaging on the surface of water or rocks when trying to ambush prey.


When inspected physically, the spider is most likely Alopecosa fabrilis, a wolf spider species in the family Lycosidae.


These photos were taken with the phone's camera (Xiaomi Poco x3 NFC) and a 35mm external macro lens.


Cool .. I have them here also 😁👌👌👌🤗🥃

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Oh, wow your photography is awesome and beautiful spider. Nice shots.