Ladybug Mating Ritual


Two ladybugs were captured while mating with my phone. These photos were taken in mid-December 2022, during the rainy season in Indonesia.

When do ladybugs mate is the question. According to an article I read on the website, ladybugs mate multiple times between spring and early summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, from May to July, and from September to late November in the Southern Hemisphere. It was also stated that it varies depending on the weather and temperature.


Perhaps the author of the article explains the behavior of ladybirds in Europe or America who are aware of the seasons of winter, spring, and summer. Meanwhile, countries with tropical climates, such as Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, have only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. However, it was an interesting article to read because it increased my knowledge of insects.


So, based on that article, I know that after getting fed (ladybugs eat leaves), they typically start looking for a partner to do the mating ritual.


Most insect sexes can be distinguished by the fact that the female is slightly larger than the male. However, I think that not all insect cases are like that because there are types of insects that are the same size in both males and females, such as the ladybug you see here. To be sure, the male is on the female's back.


The most intriguing aspect is that both males and females will emit pheromones (a kind of chemical compound) as a signal that the scent will attract mates even from afar.


Do the two exchange pleasantries when they first meet? — Copulation occurs when the male begins to climb onto the female's back and inserts the aedeagus (male insect genitalia) into the female's genitals. The most incredible thing is that they can do this for up to two hours. Oh damn! They're incredibly proficient at that.

All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


These pictures look like drawings, they are beautiful.

thanks Jose :)