Green Jewel Damselfly in the Saweuk Forest of North Aceh

The green jewel damselfly is one of the species of damselfly classified in the family Chlorocyphidae. These are colorful damselfly species that are often found in tropical areas such as Southeast Asia to parts of South Asia. This is a species that has a unique habit where its environment can be found along freshwater rivers in forests such as in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Java Island.

These photos were taken by me around the river in the Saweuk forest, North Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia.









CameraXiaomi Poco X3 NFC Smartphone
LensExternal macro lens
CategoryMacro photography
ProcessedMobile Lightroom
LocationNorth Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Cool photography, thanks for sharing.

Munardi, it is my pleasure. 🙂


Denden yang keren...hehehe

Thanks kak Bob

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Great shots

Thank you 🙂

After I saw your post, I was even more amazed by your picture

Thank you 🙂

the most beautiful mini dragonfly

That's a damselfly, not a dragonfly. Yes, they are close relatives in Odonata.

Meusyakapoi barang

Lagei ie raya beuleun langet 15, trep-trep sigo khekhe 😂