If you are an insect lover then don't miss seeing some of these insects

My soul is half with the forest. The reason I like to play in the forest is only one, namely the forest is not like urban areas, the forest does not have air pollution that is harmful to health, the forest always releases oxygen every second which can kill toxins in the body. So from that I really like the forest, especially everything that I have never seen, but when I was in the forest I saw even the slightest animal.

This time there are several types of animals that I have managed to photograph with the camera, I think you will like them. Actually, almost every day I always find animals like this, but there are a few problems in shooting because I use macro mode, of course it is very difficult to get really maximum results, sometimes there is a feeling of boredom when doing macro shooting because the animals I want the aim is very much in motion.

This caterpillar is almost the same as a cocoon caterpillar, but only in a different way of breeding, it looks like this is a butterfly caterpillar. Because I found it on a wooden branch filled with butterflies.

Well this one is a moth consisting of a name Endoxyla, If this moth is touched, ashes will remain on the hands. If the dust gets into the mouth, the worst cough will occur.

And below are several other types of animals, which I think have something to do with the caterpillar above. And in the form of butterfly eggs or other animals, because I really don't know about these eggs.

Actually, if we pay attention around the environment, maybe we will get things that we have not seen at all. Like the things I encountered, this really requires a little fighter to look for some forest animals, but very satisfying to look at, in my opinion.

Maybe with a few pictures of my choice this can make you entertained. Thank you for viewing.



Fantastic pictures, congrats! :)

Thank you very much for your and support😉

You are welcome! :)

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Awesome and I really like your photos guys

Thank you, I hope you can feast your eyes on this

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Well, I'm a nature lover, but not that kind of nature lover who would like the creature in your first pictures 😃 I'd rather like the second one, though so strange and kind of dangerous (?). Anyway, cool animals, you are lucky to have the opportunity to see and explore them. 😊🐛🦋🦗🕷️

All the animals that I photograph are not too scary because they are very small, but many women don't like caterpillar, maybe that's why you don't like them, but if you are here I will introduce you to nature in my area. Always healthy honey