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The central, most important part of this post is a video. You'll see a bunch of photographs at the end, but the most interesting stuff is in the video. So, have a good viewing experience and enjoy the spiders.

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You'll see some spiders in action in this video. Four species, to be more precise. Half, or a bit more, of the video is dedicated to the situation I recorded in the first half of July, in the woods around the city of Pazin, about a şixty kilometers from my hometown. On the large horizontal web of the female Neriene radiata, I saw two males of the same species ... in some kind of interaction that I wasn't able to define. It looked like cannibalism. The active spider was maybe feeding on the immobile one. Or maybe just exploring. I don't know. You can observe the scene yourself and get your own conclusions or theories. Neriene radiata is a species from the Linyphiidae family.

The second species, when it comes to the amount of time dedicated to it in the video, is the Uloborus walckenaerius. You'll see the female consuming its prey on the web.

The third species, the Heliophanus dubius from the Salticidae family, has a very short appearance in the video. The spider is eating a small fragment of something, while simultaneously signaling with its pedipalps to the lens of the camera.

Only a short fragment of the video is dedicated to the fourth species. The Linyphia triangularis is another species from the Linyphiidae family. In the video, you'll see a female feeding. The prey is a very small insect. An aphid or whitefly, something like that.

The music in the video is some lovely free-to-use stuff, downloaded from Pixabay.

Music by Lexin_Music from Pixabay

Music by penguinmusic from Pixabay

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You can see a bit of that Neriene radiata situation described before, frozen in six photographs. Unlike the video, you can enlarge the picture and see more details here.

The following links will take you to the sites with more information about the protagonists of this post. I found some stuff about them there.



Amazing footage!

The interaction of the two male Linyphiids is indeed cannibalism. The one male is already dead, that white blob on his abdomen being his "blood" or haemolymph. I suspect, considering they're on the female's web, that she had her fill and this other male is taking advantage to fill up before mating to improve his odds of a successful mate. Really bloody cool to see!

And the clips of the weaver spood (Uloborid) are spectacular! Such awesome spiders, and weird considering they don't have venom glands!

Thanks so much for posting this! Loved it.


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I only watched part of it. This is an amazing video, but I do tend to avert my eyes (and my attention) from hard reality. I think the first one is an instance of cannibalism. Whatever is going on, it certainly is intrusive. So, I didn't watch.

I think that's called avoidance😁

You're an amazing photographer. I hope the summer treated you well. I was outside more this year than I have been in many years. That was good.

Silly, isn't it?

🙂 The summer was interesting, and I expect a lot from September. Usually is like a second spring. Sometimes I wish that the blog could write itself so I could spend more time outdoors instead of sitting in front of the PC screen. 🙂Great that you were more outside. It's certainly healthy. I'm always surprised how all the little pains and digestive problems that I feel after long hours at home, especially on the computer, miraculously disappear after a good walk.
Some scenes of ordinary life in nature can be a bit disturbing.

I'm always surprised how all the little pains and digestive problems that I feel after long hours at home, especially on the computer, miraculously disappear after a good walk.🌟☀️🌳

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Very cool! Kinda creepy looking at these 8-legged creatures.

Yes 🙂those with long thin legs are especially creepy🕸️. 🕷️

Especially when shot up close 🥶

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Agile like spiderman in the movie😅, Success is always for you🙏


Amazingly done borjan love it💯

These are amazing spiders. The spiders are very small and the colors are very beautiful. You have really taken amazing photography.

The spiders are very visible in the micro photo. There is a lot of excitement about science

I think you are a spider lover, many of your posts featuring spiders with various types and unique are also very funny.

Very amazing

I haven't seen this type of spider before. Thanks for sharing it is really nice.