COVID19 NEWS - UK Gov Denies Science. Bill Gates Takes a Beating & Shuts Down Petition. US Gov Investigates Wuhan Lab Virus Origins + MORE

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The amount of information and insights coming to me here recently has been off the charts, I would need a team of people working with me to do it justice and I don't have that right now. If you want to help then let me know. Here are just a small selection of the stories from the last few days that deserve more attention.

Two of the stories I have been covering for weeks have finally gathered mainstream attention and driven government action. I have had access to very important health information for years and am tired of being accused of spreading 'fake news' by ignorant lackies of corrupt corporation interests. I am currently banned for 2 months from Facebook because they are falsely accusing me of being a nazi! See my recent video on that for more info.

In this video:

  • UK Gov says they refuse to release the scientific information they are using to set policy until after the pandemic ends!! Red Flag Alert!
  • Bill Gates gets hit with epic level comment trolling online and two petitions to have him investigated. The petition on was removed and it came to light that he had invested $30M into
  • MSM catches up with the reality that the COVID virus could well have originated in labs in Wuhan, funded by US government! (covered previously on my channel many weeks ago)
  • MSM also catches on that ventilators are likely killing people. Covered on my channel over a week ago.
  • Plus More.

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NHS/UK/Science Denial:

Ventilators are 'deathtraps'?:

US Gov to investigate Wuhan virus engineering:

Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ are the real fake news after censoring Post story:

Bill Gates’ Latest Instagram Post Has Been Bombarded With Accusations & Comments Against Vaccines:

Petition to investigate Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

Bill Gates of Microsoft could become world's first trillionaire, says new report:

Police officer filmed saying he’ll ‘make something up’ to get man arrested:

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Great sum up! Thank you!👍🏼
Sharing far and wide!

In the radio news here in Germany one politician said:
"The pandemic stays!"
How could you say something like this?! Like there will never be a solution...and
maybe there was never a real problem ;)
He could have said: The excuse, to bring any measurements/lockdown time....stays.

I guess he meant 'the definition of a pandemic' - but who knows.. the average 'politician' is divorced from truth most of the time!

"divorced from truth"....yes, they are. I'm just asking myself if humanity got a peaceful chance..?
Nearly every doctor,lawyer,specialist and normal citizen that goes against the "official narrative" is gettin'
ridiculed,silenced,arrested...and how many people do you reach here?
I hope we get a chance...someway,somehow...

Is Bill Gates himself fully vaccinated?

Never seen evidence of that - he seems to be immune to public opinion at least!

I read somewhere that kids are not!

there is also the rumor big techs kids dont use tablets and stuff when they are young

Hiding behind philanthropy.

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