Why are COVID-19 Death Rates Over Inflated in UK, US & Italy?

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Many people have been alarmed by the high death rate attributed to COVID-19 in many parts of the word, particularly the US, Italy & UK (among others). Some media sources are pushing the narrative that mortality rates are artificially LOW - however, numerous government sources and professionals in both science and medicine say the opposite is true. In this video I look at some of the evidence that shows why the number of deaths being attributed to COVID-19 are very likely hugely higher than the real number.

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Why have so many coronavirus patients died in Italy?

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That's what i was saying to all ppl i know for over a month now. If anyone has herpes (and majority of people have it in their system) and die and they say cause of death was herpes it would be the No1 killer in the world :)

Stop that! That sounds like logic! Dangerous! ;)

I sometimes wonder... how did we end up with the society and structure like this in 21st century....

They just better be straightforward and say: "He was alive that's why he died"

The real epidemic has always been 'denial'. The heartlessness that denial causes is all around and engrained into common thinking, history and society's structures. We only need to look at the way even the 'rebels' in society complain about the lockdown only from the perspective that people are losing money, for example 'farmers', without considering that those farmers are killing millions of animals (who are just considered 'products' rather than sentient, sovereign beings).

Unconsciousness has humanity at this point, some are evolving, most will perish. We need to make the unconscious conscious.


Let God heal the world

Just NO!

The evidence of total mortality in countries like my own (Netherlands), a country already in the top of hardest hit countries, shows massive underreporting. The reason seems to be that mainly only people dying in hospitals get counted as COVID19 deaths. Deaths in elderly homes and deaths at home aren't attributed to covid19 while they should be, and the real numbers are likely to be almost twice as high as the real numbers.

Some countries have already corrected the figures upwards and rightfully so. In the worst case false positive in European countries will be all the resparatory disease deaths. But look at countries like Belgium, Spain and Italy, even the worst case false positive rates will less than 5%, while under reporting in countries like the Netherlands is likely to be closer to 50%.

Combine that with the fact randomized anti body tests in the top hardest hit countries are only a few percent of the population, even the hardest hit countries will have any close to zero natural herd immunity if a second wave hits after the summer.

False positives in Europe's hardest hit countries, looking at the data, are an order of magnitude lower than false negatives. If a second and maybe even a third wave ends up hitting after this summer, the mortality numbers may end up even worse. Let's hope we manage to crush the tail on this bastard, because it's a much meaner bug than many seem to think it is.

Whether there is under-reporting for other reasons is a separate issue. Accurate understanding requires consideration of ALL the details and in this case there are clearly details that involve massive overinflation of the numbers. Did you actually watch the video?

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