Banned on Facebook: Top US Childcare Doctor Has No Clue About Important Vaccine Science Yet Testifies as An Expert

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Facebook's Stasi-esque AI powered 'dept of truth' strikes again. Days after being mostly banned from posting to my own Facebook timeline for 2 months on false charges of being a nazi - I am now banned from posting totally for a few days.. Why? For shairng testimony from professional doctors! They didn't like that I shared a news clip from US TV of ER Doctors challenging the mainstream narrative (I was warned for that twice), but what really seems to have angered the Cyborg dictatorship is that I shared a video from a court case in which the President of a State Child health organisation (Doctor) testifying in court.

In the video it is clear that her initial cockiness falls apart as she realises that she is being asked quite straighforward questions about vaccines which she is totally unable to answer. While it would be understandable for the average person on the street to not know the answers, she absolutely MUST know the answers to these relatively simple questions as they directly impact the health of the people who receive the vaccines. I myself actually would have gotten about 90% of the questions right simply because I have studied the subject myself for many hours - despite me not even delivering vaccines or having any healthcare qualifications whatsoever. Not only does she demonstrate a total failure to understand the underlying risk factors and mechanical processes involved with commonly used vaccines, she openly admits that the entire foundation of her 'knowledge' on vaccine safety and effectiveness comes not from science, but from her blind faith in the CDC and other similar groups! You have to see it for yourself!


Banned on Facebook for being a 'nazi' due to sharing ANTI nazi memes (and questioning the mainsteam narrative on Covid 19):

Professor Chris Exley on Aluminium Adjuvants in the causation of ill health and autism:

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Thank you for your courage for standing up for the truth and sharing it to the world even though it cost you of being banned. This is the only way that we can stand up for the truth, by sharing it.
Thank you for sharing it here with us.

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