The End Of The Nation-State

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This is something that is incomprehensible to most but it is not too far away. Within a few decades, we are gong to see the demise of the nation-state in our lives.

In this video I discuss how the ability for government to reach into the digital world is going to get tougher as time goes by.

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When governments lose control of the currency, the ability to spend at a deficit, they will be curtailed. Enforcement costs money. If they haven't the cash, they will need to prioritize what they can afford to enforce.

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Very true.

Governments also face an issue with privacy transactions and other technologies that will be beyond their ability to monitor. After all, much of the digital world will be outside their boundaries.

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You make a lot of good and salient points here about how the nation-state system is failing and how people are gravitating towards a decentralized economic (and informational) paradigm. Especially important I think is the fact that change is possible, even though most people are locked into a mindset that the current system is immutable.

You're right about the technical difficulties that governments have shutting down digital currencies, mesh networks, satellite connections and the like, but those of us older people who have experienced the heavy hand of government regulation for decades know just how draconian the government measures can be when pushing back against people seeking change. Its been almost 30 years since Bill Clinton tried to push the Clipper Chip on us and they are still trying to this very day.

I think your message is a good one. Change is needed and inevitable but its going to take a concerted effort by all of us to make it a reality.

With cryptocurrency hard to monitor, I recently received a notice from my local cryptocurrency exchange that it has to do a re-verification of all members that include submitting our ID with face recognition online as well as verification of our home address and our intention of using its platform. This was done to the need to apply for a license to operate legally in about two months' time. This is a step to keep a closer monitoring for crypto that can be really hard to track for a country.

Anyone who goes through an exchange has his identity revealed.

I think that the governments may simply just nationalize the tech companies. That is absorb them. In fact, the US constitution explicitly allows for this. It's called eminent domain.

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