Web 3.0: Much Bigger Than We Traditionally Think

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Web 3.0 is often mentioned yet few realize how big it really is. Sometimes it is best to step back and get a 5,000 foot view.

In this video I talk about Web 3.0, some of its components and how crypto/blockchain enter the picture.

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Good video. Web 3.0 is bigger than Ethereum and that is what people usually associate it with.

Very true @anarchy999. Ethereum is making a lot of noise so I give them credit. THe development on there is pretty amazing.

However, this is much bigger than blockchain and crypto, which are important parts to the entirety.

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Who do we have to talk to to get you a TED Talk? Great chat as always!

Wow.. this is a eye opening Video and post, i never knew Web 3.0 is this big and that's why so many people love it and wants to associate themselves with it
Thank you for the post and please keep up the good work.

same as crypto 3.0 :)