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RE: HIVE - The Most Powerful and Promising Blockchain Technology Since Bitcoin

in Threespeak - OLDlast year

HIVE: Gaining by Giving - once people understand that they can spend money on a coin that makes money and on top of that in a more meaningful way than for example earning interest... Or 'stake rewards'...

Playing games, leaving comments, posting a cat picture or just a vlog from your car (;-)) all can earn money. Which then can be used to give others money. Or shall I say value?

I know that we all know how it works, but saying it out loud and even a long-term Hive/Steem user can shake their head because it's so unbelievable :D Sometimes I'm afraid the crypto space has been so full of scams that our 'to good to be true' story actually scares people away. If we can somehow find a way to really show our power instead of just telling about it... We might get somewhere.

Love the HIVE hat by the way!