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I've always considered myself a very healthy person, who doesn't even get the flu, and I was just thinking these days, how effective it was to keep us isolated, protected from a virus. Even though I don't have children, I know that pediatricians recommend that mothers let their children have contact with some germs in order to "create antibodies". Our immune system is an army that must fight every day against disease and if it does not, like every army it can be defeated. I don't know if it happens to others, but with the coronavirus I feel like I'm fumbling around like I'm blind, there's no plan; like when I play detective because every day there are new clues and new investigations. Anyway, this week I dared to go out and buy groceries because they were needed and I felt that a part of me, being on the move and outdoors, was flourishing. Nice weekend, my friend! Greetings


Have you thought of a different expression when you think about our immune system?

How about to look at somewhat eccentric viruses and bacteria as runaways, who dare to push forward, which puts us and our bacterial & co roommates a little bit under stress. A cheeky virus that may test a new form of co-existence, perhaps even so that in many millions of years a completely new life form will emerge?

All these flu viruses, what are they actually up to? Wipe us out? Or are they testing whether they can still co-exist with us, sometimes at the limit, like an exuberant roommate? Which resistant and with them in an exciting balance of this co-creating way, and should they potentially do so in the distant future? Doesn't life always look for a way?

Maybe from now on I will celebrate every survived flu. But maybe not. It's good to get used to dangerous things, because, after all, we are not afraid of them any more.