HIVE - The Most Powerful and Promising Blockchain Technology Since Bitcoin

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Howdy! Here's a little rant from my drive to work yesterday. I talk about why I think HIVE is the most powerful and promising blockchain technology since the creation of Bitcoin.

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HIVE: Gaining by Giving - once people understand that they can spend money on a coin that makes money and on top of that in a more meaningful way than for example earning interest... Or 'stake rewards'...

Playing games, leaving comments, posting a cat picture or just a vlog from your car (;-)) all can earn money. Which then can be used to give others money. Or shall I say value?

I know that we all know how it works, but saying it out loud and even a long-term Hive/Steem user can shake their head because it's so unbelievable :D Sometimes I'm afraid the crypto space has been so full of scams that our 'to good to be true' story actually scares people away. If we can somehow find a way to really show our power instead of just telling about it... We might get somewhere.

Love the HIVE hat by the way!

I agree with you. It feels great to empower people with my own investment and rewards I've gained for the interesting content that they create!

It's nice to be able to reward people for what is basically entertainment and enjoyment from reading ones content.

Simple enough! HIVE has the potential to actually fulfill the promise of STEEM. STEEM failed because it was a top down organization whereas HIVE is a grassroots community.

but we never felt it
and this time eastern Europe will unite the world (BALKANS)
stop holding onto money...
much said

I think you've pretty much covered everything, but let's not forget the crazy awesome, deviant people you can meet too!

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If I didn't agree with you, I wouldn't be here!

Sometimes when I imagine myself been on hive, I say to myself you are lucky man been involved here

I use Hive because this is an actual HUMAN network, full of free-thinkers.

Let's go Hive. To the the moon!

This convinced me to make a HIVE account.

and this just made my day!
Welcome to HIVE! Hope you find it to be as awesome as I do!

Hive is simply By the people and for the people no more censorship like we used to see before a platform where users can share their views without being in pressure of someone and have to worry about the consequences later finally something that is truly decentralized like never before

Very well explained! Hive has indeed became the most important part of my life and i believe for many others too. I am enjoying here, glad i made it but i am still dissapointed on the thought that why i didn't join it more earlier. Neverthless, I am looking to grow and promote HIVE to my best abilities cause i strongly believe in it.

as they say, it's better late than never! Nice to have you here @razeiv!

Absolutely 😀