Are You Willing To Give Up Your 'Smart Phone' For Liberty? #ContactTracing

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Derrick Broze examines how the coming "Contract Tracing" Army is going to use your smart phone and smart devices to monitor your location and determine your freedom of movement. Is there any way to survive what's coming other than ending our relationship with Smart Phones?

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And we will be asked to give up so much more in order to keep our liberty, which is quite ironic to say that because we will have to trade liberty for liberty. If I want to uphold my principles to the fullest then going on a family holidays abroad will not be possible as they will ask too much of me. I'm having a hard time dealing with this conundrum. As far as my phone is concerned, I'd give that up quite easily when the time comes.

This is concerning. I wonder how far they'll push it like with a COVID-19 tracking app. The tradeoff between security and privacy isn't worth it.

Yes, of course! Guys use Librem 5 - Purism !
Get rid of Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter,......all of them.

For sure, time to boot up those 3310's and old flip-phones. F**k the NWO

I like the idea of putting the phone on airplane mode so they cannot theoretically track you as closely and you also cut down on your EMF exposure.
I do see this as a temporary implement and not a long term solution though.

If i had my ranch and the people I wanted in my life. Thats all i would need. Id miss technology but Id get over it too.

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