Making A Ruckus Dumping BIG Boulders.

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I helped a friend of mine at build a rock retaining wall today, check out how large these rocks are. Each one weighs about 1200 pounds.

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really huge! but they look very cool!
glad to see you btw;)
you're shining and positive

I think we heard the noise of those things tumbling out of the truck bed up here in Canada.

We knew you were an edible, cannabis and vlog entrepreneur. Had no idea you were a landscaper too!

Our kinda ruckus!


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they were huge damn


Oh, my! All that fun and money too!! Your friends really have some awesome toys! It's funny how you make it look so easy from your perspective. :)

Almost fun.

Have a great night! Good luck with Phitsburg this weekend!


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Oh man I would love to play with that skid steer! FUN!!!

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