Adolf Schicklgruber- it wasn't far from becoming a reality. How do you like the sound of Heil Schicklgruber?

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I am currently reading about the Rise and the Fall of the Third Reich, a very interesting book about the history of Nazism in Germany and how Adolf Hitler rose to power. I have only read 4% of the book yet, but I have enjoyed it a lot. According to my Kindle, I will spend more than 45 hours reading the actual book, and with all the additional studies I do as I read the book in order to understand what I read, I guess I will end up spending at least 60-70 hours before I finish the book.

But, the truth is... the goal isn't to just get through the book. The goal is to understand it, and to learn, and to grow as I read it.

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Adolf Hitler - or was it Adolf Schicklgruber?

One of the early facts that was shared in the book was about the father of Adolf Hitler. His name was originally Alois Schicklgruber as he was born outside marriage. For some reason, at an age of 84, the father of Alois went to the name register and changed the name of his son to Alois Hitler (instead of Alois Schicklgruber). It is believed that he had to do this to arrange with some heritage or something similar.

But, can you imagine what would have happened if he hadn't done this change to the name of his son at an age of 84? Do you think Adolf would have become the same man, even if his name was Adolf Schicklgruber? Would it "sound" as good in the ears of the fans if they had to shout "Heil Schicklgruber"?

I am not sure about that. But, there are so many things that are not fair. Hitler was the third out of five kids. But, the first two kids died in birth, Hitler survived, the fourth died within a few years, and the fifth live on next to Hitler.

Why didn't Hitler die instead, and one of the others could have survived instead? Of course, it is impossible to ask questions like that, because if we could, then why wasn't I born as the son of Queen Elizabeth of England instead of as a poor kid in Mumbai (or something like that?!).

No matter what, facts and history is really interesting, and I look forward to learning more about The Second World War also in the coming days and weeks. And who knows, maybe I will bombard you here on HIVE with more interesting or boring articles about history in the same period?!


I can't imagine the same "success" with Schicklgruber as his name, but then again, the historical background for his rise made people so desperate for a solution, that he could have had the same success, also with a worse and longer and harder to say name than Hitler.