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RE: Today in History: First television station formed in USA

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That's actually really interesting. I remember when I was little sitting around one of those giant wooden TVs with a tiny round screen in the middle. Well, my grandmother had one at her house and refused to replace it. She would watch Star Trek on it which I got really sucked in to. In hindsight, I don't know how I sat through an entire program watching that tiny screen, but we did all the time... like 6 of us together.

It's the equivalent of everyone sitting on the couch and watching a movie on an iphone across the room!


while I can't say I ever enjoyed that particular experience we all had gigantic decorative furniture televisions that weighed as much as a small car and had polished wooden exteriors. Basically, when you decided where the TV was going to go, that is where it stayed until you moved. Then you would need 4 people of great strength to get it into a truck.

We had one of those at home as well! I think it had a lid with a record player in the top as well.