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RE: Today in History: Tobacco first introduced to Europe

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At the risk of sounding like an idiot... I had no idea that tobacco was ever used medicinally. LOL Learn something new everyday I guess!

It is truly amazing that I ever had a second one given the almost violent reaction I had to the first. We all do dumb things

Yes, especially at that age lol! I know I did plenty! haha! and I became a 20 a day smoker, but stopped about four years ago... although I do still vape so I guess that doesn't count really haha!


well it doesn't make you sound like an idiot at all. Before i starting researching this article I had no idea either.

Vaping is fine i think, especially if it is used as a transitional thing. When this country made vaping illegal it was kind of difficult to not be cynical about it... they were worried about tax revenue from cigarettes and also protecting the industry that the government's pals are involved in :(

Ok, I feel better now ;)

Oh and yes, I definitely share your sentiment regarding the greedy government!