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RE: Today in History: Tobacco first introduced to Europe

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This was a really nice write up. I have been to a couple of the old farms in Kentucky and it is always cool to see the big black barns that they use to dry out the leaves and things like that. It is pretty crazy how the times change and how a lot of the time you have to go out of your way to find a person that smokes now. Even five years ago that wasn't the case. I think it is great just for the over-all health of the country. It is nice being able to go in a bar and not come out smelling like an ash tray now!


i know man. Things have changed so much in our lifetimes. When i was in high school and college cigarettes were super cheap and smoking was acceptable just about anywhere. I remember people smoking in grocery stores and giant floor ashtrays just being everywhere

I was a smoker in college and briefly quit while i was still there and never knew how bad smokers smell until i wasn't one of them anymore. Of course I ended up starting again as a lot of smokers tend to. I think we kind of become more sensible as we get closer to 40 and the consequences of our habits start to become more evident to us.

I am pretty lucky that I never picked up the habit. I guess I have my parents to thank for that. I get a little sad when I see my friends that have kids and stuff still smoking. I want better for them and their families.