Past Prediction: Innovation In the Healthcare Field

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Check out the discussion about healthcare and innovation in the video Tech Solutions In Health Care. In this Tech Pow Wow, I highlight why we'll continue to see less innovation in healthcare within the United States. This video was created in 2016, approximately seven years after I was warning about the shortage in healthcare workers. As I cautioned at the time, healthcare shortages will be the foreshadowing of food shortages in the long run (since 2020, we've seen this). Healthcare shortages always lead other bigger shortages.

Since most of my audience is not American, it's worth considering why we're seeing shortages in healthcare. In this Tech Pow Wow, I address some of the following questions:

  • What is one of the myths about the cost of healthcare that involves the path?
  • According to the discussion, what is wealth?
  • What is one opportunity in healthcare that technology can assist?
  • What can non-Americans learn from the way that healthcare is structured in the United States?
  • When the video was created, what healthcare product was mentioned that was in a shortage even though it's an abundant resource on Earth?
Answers to these questions (and others) will assist you in developing solutions to problems. Bureaucracy will only stop you because bureaucracy gets paid regardless of results, not based on results. This is why the Soviet Union failed last century and why the United States of America will fail this century.

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As I cautioned in this video (4 years prior to Covid), the United States had one of the worst healthcare systems in the world. This was not due to profit. This was due to bureaucracy. In the year 2020, we saw the result of bureaucracy. While countries like Russia, Vietnam, Taiwain, China, and others were able to handle CoVid without shutdowns, bureaucrats in the United States literally destroyed small and medium sized business while hurting many people in other areas of life (including health). This was all in the name of saving lives, but ironically in the long run, ended up costing more lives. But remember that to bureaucracy, a bigger problem is a feature, not a bug. Thus bureaucrats in the United States used problem they created before and after CoVid to get even more power.

Incentives matter.

I've designed two healthcare solutions, both of which are not available to US citizens or US companies. These solutions have resulted in the prevention of deaths. I'll continue to iterate on these and improve them for countries seeking innovative solutions. In the past decade, two countries which have rolled out my solutions or similar solutions from others have seen a significant improvement in healthcare. This even occured during disastrous time periods.

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