Evolving Our Awareness of Evolution Itself

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It is rare that I hear of anyone online describe evolution in any way other than in the context of 'survival of the fittest' or in terms of theories of biological evolution based only on form. Given that our own experience rarely involved biological evolution and yet we regularly change our patterns of thought and behaviour, I feel it's important to reframe evolution in terms of consciousness now.

Evolution Is Driven By Our Own Will & Decisions

Despite continuing theorising about the origins of life and creation, it seems that whenever evolution arises in conversation, we tend to only see it discussed in the context of biological change. For me personally, life begins in the non physical vibrations of thought and responding emotions that then lead to form and manifested creations. I know this not only from simple logical observation but also from my own experimentation. So for me, evolution is fundamentally a non physical process that leads to physical change.

Part of the challenge in evolving our perception of evolution is that we lack a shared understanding of how life began. While scientific analysis has led to certain assumptions receiving widespread acceptance, they tend to deny the significance of consciousness and sentience.

Far from being mere 'inserts' that were somehow magically 'added in' after our universe formed, sentience and consciousness are the primary forces that pre-existed the universe. Many of those with spiritual openness have realised this in their own ways. However, due to certain dysfunctional patterns that have been introduced to the universe since 'ancient times', many aspects of the universe appear to be totally dead or unconscious. This contrast between conscious beings and apparently dead material has caused people to often conclude that consciousness is a rare part of life, when in truth it is not entirely this way.

We all have significant degrees of our own unconsciousness, yet we are also conscious - this is the same for the universe as a whole.

The idea that such a diverse and complex universe would emerge as it has without any kind of intelligent guidance system is, to me, obscenely absurd. Ironically, the argument that is often used against intelligent creation is that it requires a magical 'something from nothing' process to take place. However, the reverse is actually more true since a sentient non-physical source of creation is not 'nothing', whereas a universe emerging 'on it's own' without any guidance actually more closely fits the magical 'something from nothing' scenario.

The reason why this is all important in the context of personal evolution is that our own evolution is part of this massive process and we need to understand what our potential for evolution actually is. If the entire universe is a conscious creation that is guided by will and intentions, then we are very powerful and need to reclaim what has been lost.

Proving that we all evolve is not actually that difficult, provided that we are using the right definitions. For me, evolution is a process of change that results in more effective states of being, with survival being the most important aspect of a state of being since all others depend on it. Therefore, it is accurate to say that every time you change your behaviour patterns in a way that increases your ability to survive, you are evolving.

Given that there are so many behaviours that result in illness and death, it is safe to say that the deeper we understand ourselves and truly shift behaviours away from destructive ones towards life affirming ones, we are evolving.

Addictions are a good example here. Many addictions tend to result in suffering or even death and involve us trying to block out our real feelings using compounds or activities which do not totally serve us. At the very least, they have us avoiding our real needs, which causes us harm. Deeply understanding addiction and processing underlying trauma and unhealed emotions - while also releasing limiting beliefs and judgements of the mind - is enough to prevent future addictions and to end current ones. This is an example of real evolution, yet many addiction therapists, lacking the depth of awareness necessary, continue to speak of addiction being a lifelong part of our lives - in doing so, they deny that we can evolve.

Whether we evolve or not is primarily a matter for our own will and decision making process. Unfortunately, we have denied our own will so extensively in many cases, that we have lost the 'tool' which will drive our own evolution and our ailing mind resolves to making snap judgements such as 'evolution is just a theory' or 'free will doesn't exist'.

Survival Requires Balance Not Brute Force

Another very common belief about survival is that 'the fittest' survive and that 'nature' shows us that the 'fittest' are those that can kill the most ruthlessly and efficiently or at least outsmart those who do. People often go as far as to justify evil as if it is somehow needed to motivate evolution and that without evil we wouldn't survive!

In reality, we do not need evil for us to survive and it is mainly evil that poses a challenge to our survival. If we look at virtually any system of any kind, it is not brute force that ensures it's effectiveness, but rather it is the balance within the system that ensures everything it requires in order to continue.

If you need a powerful sports car engine, you won't build it by simply making some parts extremely explosive and hoping for the best! There MUST be balance and balance means ONLY that 'no part or aspect is overpowering any other'.

Given that power requires balance and balance requires 'no overpowering' - we can see easily that survival too depends on the absence of overpowering. This is the actual meaning of 'the meek shall inherit the earth' - the meek do not overpower others.

Against a backdrop of a cold universe where life is thought to be hard, death exists at every turn and no matter what you do you will suffer - it seems reasonable to say that survival requires brute force. However, in a universe that is sentient, that feels and that desires survival - but which is injured and shut down into unconsciousness by our own error - survival can be felt to be something far more warm and peaceful.

What causes the biggest risk to our survival? Not being able to fight? Or the fact that people are fighting in the first place? Peace is the way of survival, it's just a shame that so many are afraid of what peace will mean and instead prefer to deny their fear and cover it over with the anger that says it will kill to survive. Rage has one thing right, the courageous will survive - however, courage is from the heart and requires love of life and self in order to manifest. It is not courage that uses violence, rather it is fear of the depths of our own being desperate for protection of what the fear is frightened of that reaches for the gun.

May we all heal, balance and evolve!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I have always found it interesting that we say that the fittest survive, but at the same time we say that they are the fittest precisely because they survived. It's a bit paradoxical.

Interesting topic and post. Cheers!

It is circular logic, yes. We may as well say that the least fit survive. lol.
Logic has tended to be very weak in humans for a long time.

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So beautifully well put with some great insights - thanks so much for sharing this!

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