Wearable technology for health

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The latest wearable technology devices can track everything from your health and fitness to location and social media usage.


Our relationship with wearable technology

Do you panic if you forget your smartphone at home? If your relationship with on-the-tech technology deepens, wearable technology may be for you. According to Euromonitor International, a global market research organization and trend precursor, wearable technology devices such as watches, rings, glasses, bracelets, and even clothing can track health, location, social media, and fitness information. Let us know more on use of wearable technology.

You will become fitter

Fitness trackers and sport watches have increased the number of steps you have taken, how far you have gone and the number of calories you have burned. You will be able to set goals and practice reminders with ease, and challenge yourself daily to achieve your personal best. Just be sure to wear your device continuously. Wearing it off and on will not provide an accurate picture of your physical activity.


If you want to boost your fitness, or lose weight, team your tracker with an app that records your weight loss, how much you eat, and the intensity of your workout.

Staying connected is easier than ever

Smartwatches and rings are easily connected via social media, text and email. No more digging into your bag for your phone, or sneak a peek at your Twitter feed on your laptop, smartwatch and rings to keep all your notifications on hand. Some devices also allow hands-free calling and messaging.

You won't lose it

Anyone who has lost a smartphone, or is left behind at home, knows how frustrating it can be to lose connectivity. Wearable technology can solve this problem. The device will be less likely to be lost if you are made into a daily wear watch or your favorite smart clothing.


The biggest reason for adopting wearable technology may surprise you. Users chose GPS and navigation features as the number one advantage of wearable technology. Maps and detailed directions are always within reach.

Another use of wearable technology is also that parents often visit these devices to keep an eye on their children. Wristbands, colorful watches, and small devices that can be slipped into a pocket can easily keep tabs on your child's place.

Health information 24/7

When most people think of wearable technology, health tracking gets a boost. Keeping tabs on your heart rate, blood pressure, and dietary habits can provide valuable information to your medical practitioner, and alert them to potential health issues on the horizon.



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