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2020, the corona virus spread from China and began ravaging the world. And this year it has been recorded that the virus has evolved into other strains which is other types of the same virus. And these new types behave differently from the studied, documented and well known corona virus.

However, before new strains were discovered (or maybe, before I ever read that a new strains was discovered), people in most parts of Nigeria experienced a different strain of this virus that was really quite surprising. The strain we experienced in Nigeria was very harmless. But it did other things.

Please note that I myself, Nev, was infected with this strain too. I'm a Nigerian living in Nigeria. I lived with this strain for 2-3 weeks, saw all it's effects play out on my body and luckily I happen to be very observant, so there's no better person to tell you about this strain than me (You should get to feel important once in a while too😀).

It is said that the major reason why the corona virus did not hit Africa as hard as other continents is because of the African climate which is usually hot, and too hot for the virus to survive in. But last year, this strain I'm talking about spread in Nigeria, West Africa; it must have been because of the rainy season, because during the rainy seasons everywhere becomes more cold.

In the West and Southern part of Nigeria the average weather during the dry seasons is around 28-39 degree Celsius. While during the rainy seasons temperature can go as low as 20 degree Celsius. The rainy season usually start from around April and ends around November. The rest of the time it is the dry season.

So this strain spread during the rainy season. But luckily this wasn't the really dangerous type of corona virus. This one didn't kill or get you down bad, all it does is take away your sense of smell. And that's all. Everybody that I know who caught it got better within 2-3 weeks. One month tops. Without any sort of treatment.It was really surprising. But we're really lucky it wasn't so bad, a lot of people I knew contacted it. Including myself, which means I would have been probably dead by now.

A lot of people contacted this and didn't even know it was Corona. They only complained that they were losing their sense of smell and wonder what the problem is.
A lot of people who contacted it claimed it took away your sense of taste too, but I know it doesn't. But there's a catch, your sense of taste really depends on your sense of smell, so when your sense of smell is gone your sense of taste is almost useless. Try it, hold your breath tight and put something tasteful in your mouth and see how it loses its taste with your breath held. Before I read up on this I had already known this from experience because there's this little hack I usually try when a glass of water from the refrigerator is smelly; you know the smells refrigerators leave your water with sometimes? So the hack I used to try is, I simply hold my breath when I'm drinking and the water becomes tasteless and tolerable just like that.

Since this year, however, I haven't heard any reports of this strain in Nigeria. Right now it is the dry season, it seems this strain came and left with the rainy season of 2020. Now that I think of it, I hope 2021's rainy season does not have any surprise for us!


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