"We need to Evolve!"

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I ride the short distance to pick up my son on my pushie.
I chaperone his bike beside me so that we both can ride back together.

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My ghostriding is not that good. It is satisfactory enough.

As I ride I see all of the awaiting parents worshipping their handheld obelisk.

It makes me laugh. No matter the age, sex ,race, religion or creed, they are all head bowed to their technology gods.

I park my bicycle under a tree. I don't need to get off as my sons bike acts like a prop. I can hold into it and sit rather comfortably.

I say to the parents next to me, "It's good to see everybody diligently worshipping their phones."

The Asian guy gives me a dirty look and says,

"Well, it's something we gotta do, I guess. For work n stuff".

I replied, "I get it. I'm just making an observation that we all worship this technology. Have you ever watched, 2001 Space Odyssey?"

A blank negative.

"Do you remember office ergonomics? Do you realise the weight our bodies endure when our necks are too far out of alignment? Remember the issue of ergonomics?"

He nods. But that's modern life now. We have to do work all the time.

I guess we need to Evolve.

But what about the future issue our kids may evolve by the time they are 20?

The conversation pivoted to football. My directness of personality required curtailing.

One of the other parents walking past make the remark, "Stirring up trouble, again." In his joking way.

Yes, I am the trouble stirrer - challenging topics are stimulating.


If you don't stir things up a bit a layer of scum develops. 😜

I'm actually terrible at small talk. I'm that awkward one no-one wants to talk to because I have little to add to many of the daily life topics. Then someone like you will come along with some conversation I get actually get into and use my brain on. A completely different person must emerge at that point. 😆

At the Centrelink office the other day there were just a couple of us looking around at our surroundings and not a phone. Although after about half an hour I did end up succumbing to a game after I'd worn out guessing what kind of people surrounded me by their demeanour, clothes and body conditions.

yah, i just get bored talking about normal stuff.

we all get caught in the technology loop.
because i've done admin for a large chunk of my life i am very aware of the downsides of poor ergonomics.

also, having spent a stint blogging to hive on my phone, my shoulders and neck were very unhappy.

but i sometimes forget the feet i step upon.. one time i met a guy who worked for a windfarm company.. first thing out of my mouth was, "So, do they really kill birds and bats?" ... he never spoke to me again after that... sheesh, i had so many questions about their toxicity, how much oil is needed, are the materials recyclable, reusable ... nup .. man i miss him muahahahaha!

Lol! I'd get so tempted to ask all those questions too! I'd have bitten my tongue and held it in, though.