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RE: Oura Ring 3 Month Update

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Omg, your sleep really is SHIT! Are you hella stressed or what?


WHaaaaat? You call THAT a shit sleep?? xD
I look at both of your charts and think - you lucky bastards! - with my max 30mins of deep sleep, and that's on the good nights.. :D

Total jelly over here.. xD


Holy shit xD Do you have Oura aswell?? :D

I will ask the same question as Eve did, are you insanely stressed or what?! xD

:D nah, I have a smartwatch.

I am not insanely stressed... as far as I know, or maybe I've just adapted to insane stress levels as my baseline. xD

Sleep is reasonably ok for my standards at the moment. It was WAAAAAY worse when I was working as a cabin crew. Shifting from lates to earlies was an absolute nightmare. I'd wake up with an adrenaline rush throughout the night. At one point it got so bad that I started to manually mark down how many times I've jumped up.. if I remember correctly one night I marked about 20-30 times.

Sensory overload is a thing for me as well. So heavy blankets are the only way to fall asleep at all.. since childhood. Can't fall asleep without socks either, as feet against feet can be too much stimulus. Although I did use to stim feet against feet to fall asleep as a kid, so go figure.. :D

I could experiment a bit and see if anything helps. Step off of the coffee maybe. See if it helps at all.

There have only been two times that surprised me when I literally went out like a light-bulb. Both were after a long sauna session with a lot of contrast. Could try some more of that and see if it helps too..

But yeah, as I see it's a rather constant pattern for me now - those roughly 30mins of deep sleep at the beginning of the night and then some light sleep and tossing and turning..


if I remember correctly one night I marked about 20-30 times.

Yo wtf, thats insane xD

Shifting from lates to earlies was an absolute nightmare

I had this shifts when I was working a 7-11 x) I hated it so much.

Sensory overload

It quite interesting for someone who doesn't have it xD Or interesting topic at least :D

Step off of the coffee maybe.

Its helping me! Also not eating 2 hours before sleep can help aswell.

If you love saunas you just have to move to Finland :P Eve can vouch for that :P

30min deep sleep is shit hot damn xD

xD I'm from Latvia, we have saunas here too.. :D
Eating 2 hours before sleep is not the issue here, I'm not a late eater. I don't stay on my phone before sleep either and take good care to go to sleep early. If I was reckless with my sleep patterns as some people, I'd be a zombie in no time! :D

Had some random mornings I've woken up feeling really sleepy without any apparent reason, check my phone, and yup 2-3 minutes of deep sleep, welp, yup, that'll do it, that would explain why I feel so atypically sleepy.. xD

Well, the logical place to start the experiments would be no coffee then..

!LUV ^^
Thanks for listening to my sleep rants.. xD
It's nice to share and compare experiences from time to time. :D


Why do you guys have Saunas aswell? Is it cold in Latvia? :p

Ohh well perfect! Stick to that! I do fail at these things from time to time, but not often :D

Coffee would be a great place to start!
To help you out, I would start with tamper off coffee slowly. Maybe slowly over 2 months, I try to do a clean cut once before and I had a headache for 2 weeks xD Last time I just cut the amount of Coffee beans (7m) down to 3 gram) before stopping :D

You are welcome, I am always ready to listen :P






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Ye, this is quite normally for me xD

My sleep have always been shit, I have even gotten a good "hard" topmadras + a weightblanket and quit all caffeine. So what you see there is an improvement of what it can be haha.

I don't feel stress at all, but I might be xD