Fact NOT Theory: Human DNA can be altered using a vaccine

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"LOOOL some people think Bill Gates wants to alter DNA with a vaccine! That's impossible! They're just paranoid!"

It's so frustrating to see this, over and over, and it shows the level of medical knowledge (or even awareness of current events) in the average person today - near zero.

For better and for worse, altering the human genome (DNA) has been done for several years now, in many different ways, including the use of viruses and vaccines to edit, change, enhance, repair, damage, alter, or re-engineer our genes. GMO humans. And yes, such changes are heritable (they are passed along permanently to our descendants). The technique could be used in innumerable ways, including to create designer babies, as population control, as a weapon, etc.

Those responsible for designing and distributing the coming vaccines (yes, including Bill Gates) have openly admitted to employing these (and other) DNA-altering techniques. That's the OFFICIAL stated plan - to use new and untested gene therapy technology to combat the pandemic threat at all costs. Safety, ethical, and other concerns are being sidelined in order to "warp speed" the product to the population.

There's no theory to what I'm saying. Maybe there's a conspiracy afoot, but it's confirmed fact, not theory.

"OMG stupid people think it's possible to alter DNA!"

If only fools would stop blabbering about how paranoid it is to question untested DNA-altering technology. It's really happening, and their ignorance is delaying important discussions that should be taking place, as the pharmaceutical corporations position themselves for a trillion dollar mass vaccination campaign in early 2021. (Also not a theory.)



Whoa totally misread your post. Had to read it twice more. Reading something straight after waking up is dangerous lol.
Lucky I didn't respond before I had a shower.
CRISPR I totally believe is real and January this year my theory was Covid is something along these lines but before it was perfected got out of the lab. Either through mishandling or not enough quality controls in the labs. When symptoms of some people being described like it's still lingering in them and they feel different. Somehow it kinda gives you the impression of a virus changing its host in a slow methodical process.
I just hope it turns is into immortals, the high mortality rate could mean hosts bodies not being compatible.
But who am I....

Some people deny (plus ridicule) until it happens and then make excuses for it and don't acknowledge the previous denial.

Yeah. That's how it goes with a lot of things. A formula :(

I see people making fun of the idea that vaccines can alter DNA all the time. So many people are clueless!

Yeah but there are a lot of people waking up, too. Many people realize it's actually a potential threat, not a baseless theory whatsoever.

People mock cluelessly, but there's A LOT about DNA that people have no idea about. Apparently vibration can be used to treat cancer. Isn't it cool how DNA is a fractal pattern like other things in nature, it's weird that most of it is considered "junk", haha.