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"Enrich the poor. Cure the Sick. Feed the Hungry. Clean the atmosphere. Restore the oceans. Live in balance with nature. Power the world sustainably. Stop fighting."
- The Seasteading Institute

An email newsletter from an author friend of mine popped up in my inbox this morning, mourning over the sickening nature of Election Day.

Politics: Enough to make ANYONE sick!
Image courtesy of engin akyurt

Ken Oder writes remarkably engaging books that I can't recommend highly enough for your reading enjoyment. However, being sensitive (as so many of we creatives are), Ken finds the whole political process literally sickening.


Artist Concept: Artisanopolis - Sustainable Domes and Power-grids
Image courtesy of The Seasteading Institute and Gabriel Scheare, Luke & Lourdes Crowley, and Patrick White (Roark 3D)

I most assuredly share Ken's sentiment, and so today I responded to his blog entry about the Dry Heaves of politics with what I hope will be the Pepto-Bismol of hope for Ken and at least some of the others who read his blog.

Artist Concept: Prismatic Island
Image courtesy of The Seasteading Institute and Matias Perez

I've recently been encouraged by being reminded that seasteading may offer the most immediate availability of a new frontier for humanity. Not only a frontier for adventurous young folk, but a possible option for greater liberty for the many recently coming to recognize the egregiously oppressive nature of the state as a result of the overhyped current global 'plandemic crisis.'

The state never lets a good crisis go to waste, and tin-pot tyrants like Gavin Newsom are making the most of it.

So, like Ken Oder, are politics and government overreach lately making YOU sick?

Here's what I said to Ken:

Hey, Ken,

I share your visceral reaction to the entire political process! It’s all too easy to become emotionally mired in this stuff, and I have little remaining doubt that’s what the PTSB (Powers That Shouldn’t Be) intend for us.

I’ve long yearned for new frontiers... It used to be possible to “Go west, young man!” and I’ve had a tendency to mourn the loss of that possibility. Then recently I was reminded of the Seasteading option, which I will now recommend to you and your readers in the hope that you’ll be able transform some of those dry heaves into hope:

I particularly recommend listening to their outstanding collection of podcasts if you want to brighten your “election day” experience!

Kindest regards,




Artist Concept: Storm Makes Sense of Shelter
Image courtesy of The Seasteading Institute and Simon Nummy

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