Trading Liberty for Safety

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Here's a very well-referenced article concluding that this "pandemic" is no worse than a bad flu season, and that our mitigating strategies are counter-productive:

I'd bet the long-term effects of destroying the world economy will kill far more people than the virus will. It is a curious experiment though showing us how many people choose "safety" over freedom... turns out almost everyone.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin


I thought you might enjoy this post I did about a month ago... Ihope you are well...sending yu and email...

Really good post, thanks for drawing my attention to it!

I made the statement about the economic fallout causing more harm than the virus itself to a friend when lockdown was just beginning. It was dismissed.

We're facing a war with ignorance. Free will is a belief system until it becomes a conscious choice.

The group mind is thw issue.

Who is truly independent in mind? Who has put in the work to be so?

Hardly anybody has a truly independent mind. Most are completely entranced by the mainstream narrative. Seems overwhelming to think of how to help them come out of the dream, but I guess we start where we are.

I remember thinking of the economic impacts back in Jan/Feb... it's obvious to me now that we are utterly screwed. Feels so weird that people aren't aware of that yet, and even weirder that they're still in the phase of mind where it can't even be talked about yet.

Fallible information has been presented as reason for an argument and in that moment it is illuminated that I no longer speak to the person I knew, but rather to the group-mind. When I present some data and some very logical assessments, I cannot do more. There is no point in convincing a person.

Is the group-mind and its subscribers destined to go off the cliff's edge?

Are you of a mind to 'save' people? Do you think that 'saving' is possible?

I'd say the group mind is destined to become slaves after their population is reduced to their master's desired levels.

Most cannot be saved, because they want their slavery, but there are some on the fence, and that's who I create content for.

Sure, I don't think anyone wants slavery when the choice is put in front of them. It is the tacit decision to go a particular route by the group mind that causes the herd to move further along down this dark path.

In my understanding there are two sides: existence and non-existence. The free-will belief system that we now live under is being reined in and those that actually want it, who wish to actually exist, must now make the hard decisions that go along with actually having free will and awareness. It can no longer be a play thing of the super-market spirituality wannabe hipsters. It is now a dangerous commodity that demands respect.

That includes facing fear of death.

The question remains, if this is the group minds path - was the herd ever conscious? This idea there is something that can be changed or people can be 'saved' in a closed timed cycle (being consciousness) is often a bi-product of our own insecurity or an inability to fill a hole within ourselves.

Maybe there are fence sitters. Also maybe that magic ten percent will be swayed that create the snowball effect with yet another revolution of information in the group mind.

Either way, the issue remains the same. The group mind and the humans that subscribe to it, unwilling to make their own decisions - not actually conscious but behaving consciously.

So as long as the group mind exists like this... freedom is never really freedom and the world can and will still be coerced.

So what then is the answer to teach such a group? If all other avenues have been explored. They will be forced to learn and be made conscious through pain.

Even if we can divert the pain temporarily with an information revolution via the ten percent snowball method, the pain of each individual, that they have to face - this predicament of being alone or all one - must be faced.

In the bigger picture of things, all things considered, everything is going according to plan.

I agree the path of pain is built-in, but that's not the same thing as a plan. Gravity causes certain things to occur in certain situations. So does the Law of Freedom. The path of pain is the inevitable result of choosing to hide from your predicament, just as dropping an egg will inevitably end in a mess. It's not necessarily a plan.

I was once one with the group-mind, and my escape was aided by people who had already done so themselves. What can happen once can happen again (and again, etc.), so it's my responsibility to pay it forward.

I like your optimism. Optimism may be all we've got.

Good luck with it all.