A Diverse Microbiome

in #health5 months ago

The key to a healthy microbiome is building a diverse colony of bacteria on your skin and inside your body and not killing them with antibiotics, soap, etc.

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Wise words Cahlen.....
Nature is amazing and can take care of most of us....but our society become very lazy, instead of looking after ourself we think the magic pill from pharmacy will do the trick and we can keep watching tv....pro/prebiotics are important but can also be taken from natural products such kefir/yogurt/butter milk/kimchi/kombucha and there is a lot more...industry is pushing their products from all angles...we are programmed to think that if we do not have a shower everyday we going to die from bacteria.....nothing more misleading, and im sort of annoyed that i discovered in kinda late, but hey, its never too late....
Peace and Love!
In Lak'ech!

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