What does snow for Easter has to do with health?


On World Health Day, 7 April 2021, we will be inviting you to join a new campaign to build a fairer, healthier world.

...says the WHO
I consider this post as a part of that campaign :) but will not talk about usual things that we all know and are repeated by media (importance of food management, exercising, stress management...) but about relationship between humans and environment.
note: I will use we/our generalization for simpler writing, aware of many exceptions

Every relationship contributes to our wellbeing (mental and physical) including the one we, as species, have with our environment. And the one we have with it is toxic. Literally and symbolically. (what I have written about relationships and love can be add for more fully understanding of this relationship)
Simply said, toxic relationship is one where one member experiences (much) more harm than nurture; the other person, although being the one who is draining life from the other, is never satisfied, and at the end of the day also the one who experience harm (though, not obvious and most often denied).

There are people who make relationships toxic on purpose, they are aware of doing it, but most of those who enter, produce and stay in toxic relationships do it with unconscious motivation.
Similar is in our relationship with nature: most people are not aware of the effects of their decisions and actions toward nature and some just don.t care. The answer to a question why ppl do not care is different for common individuals and politicians, big corporations and wealthy individuals; latter ones don.t care ...yes, that what you just thought :) bcs are focused of profit.

So, why we don.t care (enough) about things that have big influence on our health:
Polluted water and ground that affect food production?
Polluted air that damages our overall health starting from lungs, with thousands of deaths connected to it every year?
Climate change (that will not omit its effects on those who don.t believe in it)?
Do we even want to think why we don.t care?

For many generations we had stable circles of seasons and were adapted to slow gradual changes which made it easier for us to cope with them; now our whole system needs energy for almost constant alert mode of self-regulating processes and that is a lot of stress, in addition to other types of stress.
For example, one day temperature is around 20C and next day is snowing. Those changes also affect plants and here we are again in the domain of food. Use your imagination to portray what kind of food processing actions, biological, chemical and physical, are used on something that we eat. Even organic food is not “clean”.



Photos are taken this morning in my garden

Climate change is systemic disease, no part of food chain can avoid it, even viruses and bacteria; unfortunately for us, they are adapting much faster and we are their food.
Climate change can be defined as long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth.s local, regional and global climates. If someone does not believe in it, one should take a look at the signs that are observable for all of us: higher average temperatures, more droughts, unstable/wild and harder predictable weather, change of rain and snow patterns.

It is not an easy burden, to have one more thing to think about, one more responsibility, if it already was not in our value system and motivational pyramid. But if we want to change our and our childrens’ lives for better, we need to act ourselves and together make pressure on those big players ready to sacrifice us all for their profit.
Like to join the Environmental uprising this weekend in Belgrade :)
It would be nice if we had more of those, more often. For example every capital city once a month :blinkblink:

Since the crypto lately has been much more discussed in mass media, including being blamed for energy drain, maybe that can be additional motivation ;)

Oh, so hard to write post that includes politics without sarcastic comment; so here it is :D
Yes, crypto is destroying our planet, unlike all the banks and other institutions that serve politicians and corporations; they are all so not energy consuming, so environmental friendly, so clean; their computers and heating sys use energy straight from the Sun and they do not emit any pollutant into the air, water or ground. :clapclap:

In memoriam of the times when spring was spring :(


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