Coronavirus: Vaccines are ok but probably not a good final solution for the ever-mutating viruses

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Vaccines are OK, they save us from so many bad things from the day we are born, and without them, we would be condemned to a life of pain, suffering and ultimately a very bad end, but they are not the successful final solution for viral illnesses - immunization requires an exact time frame to develop a sufficient shield against diseases - and they can't be the end solution for the ever-mutating viruses. We battle plague as long a human species exists, and still, we are not entirely successful eradicating it.

Let me be a bit speculative for a moment and show you what a pandemic does in daily life to the micro economy - the last batch of items ordered from Aliexpress still awaiting shipment. I don't know if that is a consequence of a coronavirus or what, but it seems that items have been suspended for a bit longer than usual.

In my opinion, the virus has spread before we even heard of it and the world-wide occurrence outside of a China-mainland is just aftermath.

And this is not the only worry, soon a real killer virus will start to blast havoc - like it does every year - a common flue. The death toll of the common flue is a multitude of times bigger than coronavirus and it is far more dangerous.

It is no longer a secret why some people suffer or even die from a flue, and some people do not even feel it, as a whole mystery lies in the genetic coding, immunity or even non-compatible proteins that just doesn't fit the virus so it is eradicated before any significant damage…

There should be no problem to estimate why people of one environment, geo-location or gene type do not get any severe symptoms and apply whatever is a key factor to the rest of the human population to save lives.

The obscene cases or puritan repulsiveness against scientific methods that can save an enormous number of people - ailing old people and small children are the most obvious victims - I consider dishonest and even dangerous. Fake morality under the blanket statement of religion, ethics, misinformation, and fear will probably be our doom.


Cover image attribution -What is Croatia Doing to Prevent the Spreading of the New Coronavirus?

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Vaccines are OK, they save us from so many bad things from the day we are born, and without them, we would be condemned to a life of pain, suffering and ultimately a very bad end

No, they are not OK and they don't save us from anything except from health. Pure lie.

I knew a woman whose mother didn't got vaccinated as a child against all those pestilence. Her mother conceived some sort of a disease while she was pregnant with her. Woman born blind.
For some illnesses the vaccines work beautifully, it doesn't really matter what it is and how it is called, if it works, but for others we don't stand a chance.

No this is not true at all. Vaccines don't work 'beautifully'. They don't work at all. They don't 'prevent' any diseases. They are the biggest scam of the age.

There is not a single vaccine that does what it claims. Every vaccine is full of toxic crap. You cannot gain health by injecting poison.

Your anecdotal claim is disingenuous. "i knew a woman' blah blah. Everyone 'knew a woman who'.
Facts are facts. Science is science.

Vaccines are not safe, nor effective. If you claim so, prove it with science. Or you are just shilling for the industry.

You are insane.

What a convincing comeback. Ad Hominem must be the only thing you can grasp.
You are doing a huge disservice to humanity.

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