Sit Less, Move More: Take A Movement Break Every 30 Minutes

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Sitting for a long time or not moving is associated with many adverse effects, not only in terms of health but in terms of mind

It seems we can feel for ourselves the bad effects of sitting too long for more than 30 minutes at a time. Although at first, we did not talk about scientific reasons, we already understood what would happen with that.

So why are there now more people who are increasingly unaware of the negative effects on health when they are accustomed to sitting too long?

Let's discuss why sitting too long is bad for health.

List Of Contents

1.Changing Job Trends Reduces Movement Habits
2.Sitting Too Long Brings Many Health Problems

1. Changing Job Trends Reduces Movement Habits

Digitalization is the most sophisticated part of evolution which in my opinion is at once deadly if it is not dealt with by balancing lifestyle.

Digitalization is bringing progress to the field of technology as well as the economy which then creates a "new way" of making money.

Aha, speaking of money, who doesn't want to make money by not working hard with muscles, but only with the brain?

The era of digitalization provides many ways to make money in a "smart" way. But is it really healthy? Are we going to pawn our health for money that we can't ultimately enjoy?

People work more quietly by sitting, even lying down using the phone! This increases more workers who spend time in jobs that are classified as "silent".

The regulations set by the company and the "crazy" deadlines ultimately make workers lazy to move or get up from their chairs. That is because workers are pressed by deadlines and do not want to pass time to finish work.

The terrible thing is the less time to rest and eat is done in front of the computer.

2. Sitting Too Long Brings Many Health Problems

If you do a search on the internet about the adverse effects of sitting too long, then you will find many articles about the increase in premature deaths caused by sitting too long.

Maybe it's too broad, because often death has nothing to do with health. It's too mysterious to think about. Because health is not a procrastinator of death. But health is about enjoying good life moments.

So let's talk about the adverse health effects caused by prolonged sitting.

Some scientists theorize that more sitting causes a decrease in insulin sensitivity. In addition, calorie expenditure dropped dramatically because there was no meaningful movement.

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, director of women's heart health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, said that the longer we sat, the worse. That's because of the negative impact on our heart health.

Of course, the effects of cardiovascular health indirectly increase the risk of death.

Based on articles published in The Guardian, sitting long or lying down in the daytime for a long time, in addition to increasing the risk of heart disease, it can also trigger type 2 diabetes and cancer.

The team found that if sedentary behavior (not sitting too long) was eliminated in the UK, 9% of cases of colon cancer, 8% of endometrial cancer and 7.5% of lung cancer could be prevented, as well as 17% of cases of type 2 diabetes and about 5% of cardiovascular disease cases.

In short-term cases, people who sit for long periods of time without taking a break will cause joint and muscle problems.

3. Solution

It is very easy to anticipate the ill effects of health from sitting too long.

You just need to realize how bad it is to sit for too long or not move for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Then, experts suggest taking a moment every 30 minutes to get up.

You also can use the standing table method or work by standing for those of you who work at the computer, and if you feel tired, then work by sitting. This can certainly reduce your sitting hours less.

This movements relates to how we refresh our body and mind. Taking a break is also very good for getting fresh ideas.

Walking around your work location and making small movements are things that should be done as the easiest solution.

4. Conclusion

Times that change affects our lifestyle and the way we work. We who do the work more sit or be quiet with our gadgets, we have to as possible to rest and make movements such as walking.

If you are not accustomed to resting as often as possible to make movements between your sitting, then try at least every 30 minutes to pause.

Not only does it affect health, but take a moment, pausing is also seen as a process of refreshing the condition of the mind so that the mind is not trapped in old ideas.

So, things that keep moving are good, including our bodies which must not be left in a state of silence for too long. Love our body and mind with frequent breaks to move.

Because health is not to postpone death, but health is the key to enjoying a happier life with less pain.

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Physical activity is good for our health. I recently started to sit less on my PC.
I feel that people who are already sick are less prone to physical activity. Or it may be that activity is associated with a healthier lifestyle in general, which can lead to an increase in life expectancy.

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Yes, I'm also trying to follow it because from 10.00am to 8.00pm I work with my PC at the desk.

Yeah, a lot of steemians work with PC or phone and sitting too long.

Thanks for supporting my post.

a standing desk makes this easy!😄

I saw some media company use a standing desk! Really helpful to decrease sitting time

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great advice here @anggreklestari, thanks for sharing it. however it is not really relevant to creativecoin xx

Oh, thank you for letting me know. :)

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Sitting so long at a desk was touted as the new smoking.. its so bad for you . Great advice..

as part of my job i noticed that i was sitting for hours staring at my screen. i now have an activity watch which vibrates and reminds me that i should move around every 30 mins or so, . but thanks for this reminder - i wont be putting my watch on snooze anymore.