WEF Promotes Smart “Mask of the Future” That Connects to Smartphone for Health Alerts and Tracking

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By B.N. Frank

In October 2020, University of Rhode Island students invented a “Smart Mask” to detect COVID symptoms. While that might seem genuinely well-intentioned, the latest version of a “Smart Mask” is being promoted by the architects of The Great Reset - the World Economic Forum - indicating that biosurveillance plays a significant role in their overall vision of a technocratic future.

The "Smart Mask" is part of a trend that was heavily featured at the world's largest tech industry trade show this year, CES. Very "exciting"...

Only time will tell how accurate this technology will be. In regard to the wireless sensor on the mask – research has already determined that exposure to all sources of wireless radiation increases the risk of cancer and other undesirable health issues (see 1, 2) including premature skin aging. Ditto on exposure to Smartphone radiation (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Of course, everyone who decides to wear this new “Smart Mask” seems to also be agreeing to privacy invasive data collection and constant surveillance. So there’s that too.

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Image: BreathTech

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I see in future messages popping up on your smart phone like
"Your average mask time this week was 45min less than the week before, take care to always wear a mask to protect yourself and others"
Never ever I would wear a "smart" mask.

No doubt! Thanks for reading and commenting, much appreciated.

Smart mask :)) What fuck they think out there ? :))

And isn't it nice that the World "Economic" Forum cares so much about health? LOL

I'm 1000% sure there's some other plan what all this corona , because it's clear to see that the banks are bankrupt, and someone is trying to keep their control system up and run all time.