HBD Showing Some Spike

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Hive Backed Dollar is up by approx 18% as of I am writing this post which is pricing around $1.94. HBD was about $2 today earlier but it is now down.


These ups and downs are kind of normal. For the time being it doesn't matter to me because I am already HODLing and will continue to HODL.

I am on a mission to gather sister tokens with Hive like POB, Leo etc and just stake it. I believe it's not a short term thing, you have to HODL to gather benefits.


Staking an holding is the best strategy for now.
Stake as much as you can because this helps with citations reward and hold as long as you can as this helps you get a better price.
Happy holding 👍

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I want to see HBD to reach 10$ like SBD

Hope so it gets there

Yes we need to pump and hold it

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