20grams (Short story)


Sup Weedcash,

I went out to the candy shop (My supplier) to get myself something sweet...
He pulled out a huge zip lock bag i guess that the bag contained about 500 grams he open it up and a blast off Haze it was sweet, deep and a penetrating smell that i could almost taste it...
Normally i buy around 10 grams but i took 20 grams this time because it is just to delicious i love it...
The buds are compact and and have few small orange hairs on them if you look close you can even see some cristal.

At the moment i am smoking the first joint from this batch and i am in a great state of mind...
The taste is just wonderful and i could smoke this all day long but i have a day job so that's not a great idea LOL.
Relaxing like this after a hard day of work is just wonderful and i am happy i found the weed for my meditation.
I am smoking for some years now but it seems to be the one thing that always calms me down and not let me get caught up in all the static that daily life brings i just let things go easier but i also think more about things before acting on something so i guess weed is a good thing for me. I only drink on occasions rarely but i smoke daily.

If you took the time to read my short story than i want to say thank you.
I wish you all a positive vibes......

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good post bro, that weed looks yummy

how much for 20 grams?

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Hi bro, I pay around 5 euro a gram for top quality if i would buy more then 100 grams this price is around 3,5 euro.
Thanks for the comment my friend!

my kind of candy shop 👍👍😎

Yes that looks great man.. Have a good night...

tasty treats indeed.. I take it that you are a frequent visitor then haha