Ethical Hackers - Do they exist?

in #hackerslast year


My Netflix account got hacked.

I had a simple password so my kids could enter it without bothering me.
Maybe that's the reason, maybe not. I don't know.

I wasn't upset it got hacked. The IP was in, Venuzuela, apparently, probably, VPN. I don't care.

If someone in Venuzuela, or wherever, wanted to use my Netflix account, then fine. I am happy to share.

But, I only have a 2 screen, Standard Definition Level account.
It is enough for us, as we rarely have more than 2 screens used at the same time.

Greedy hackers tho. They upgraded me to 4 screens, full HD Level account!

Seriously, no ethics here?
I don't mind while I am sleeping that you wanna catch up on some visual popcorn. But leave everything else alone.

My kids are older, so password is now amped up.
No wonder I need 2 Factor ID checking on everything these days.

What kind of world do we live in if we can't trust our hackers?