STEMGeeks Hackathon Results

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I have had time to review the entries to the first STEMGeek's Hackathon. There was a total of 14 entries submitted competing for a 12,623.370 HIVE prize pool.

Before I announce the winners, I want to thank everyone who contributed and turned this into a massive success. I knew I would be able to get a few donations but was hoping to have the largest prize pool ever seen on Hive or Steem, but I was blown away with the contributions. Over 12,000 Hive was donated to award this contest, which was more than $4,000 USD at the start of the contest.

Thank you

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed, this wouldn't have been the success it was without each and everyone one of you.

@themarkymark - 1,000 Hive
@innerhive - 1,000 Hive
@theycallmedan - 5,000 Hive
@steemychicken1 - 1,000 Hive
@liondani - 1,000 Hive
@yabapmatt - 1,000 Hive
@peakd - 2,000 Hive
@originate - 150 Hive
@memehub - 100 Hive
@taskmaster4450 - 250 Hive
@slider2990 - 25 Hive
@klye - 13.370 Hive
@fw206 - 25 Hive
@circa - 20 Hive - 40 Hive

This Hackathon was an experiment as it is something I want to do on a regular basis. I see it as an opportunity to get cool projects for Hive and potentially get more users to Hive.

Thanks to @asgarth's help, we already have a website to promote the Hackathon at This is a work in progress and will be used to promote and market the Hackathon and Hive on social media and other media outlets.


First Place - 6,311.685 Hive

@roomservice - Hive Onboard

Second Place - 3,787.011 Hive

@emrebeyler - Anonramblings

Third Place - 2,524.674‬ Hive

@mahdiyari - Hive Notifications

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated.

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What a great honor, thanks to @themarkymark and all of those people who contributed to the price-pool!

Since only the top 3 entries were qualified for the price pool, I've decided to share a part from mine with all entries who didn't make it into the top tier, so check your wallets 😀. I really like to see people keep development going, together we will make HIVE a better place!

Just a suggestion:
Me and maybe a lot of other people would support a proposal in order to fund this kind of event on a regular basis. So maybe the next STEMGeeks Hackathon could be self-funded, if you consider this.

Congratulations for winning the top spot. Thank you so much for sending me money. It is really inspiring and I hope I can improve myself.

just wanna say thanks for sharing the prize.
that was very generous of you.
will try to use them wisely
thanks again

Congratz @roomservice and every other participant :)

Thanks dude, that is really most generous! Congrats on the win!

Proud to be in the top three. It was a great event. :)

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You entry has been bringing in many laughs.

Removed because Marky made a good point.

Do I understand this right? Do we have a crybaby here 😢

Nah,I just find the stuff about marky on anonramble funny. You read the Privex ad up there?

Congrats on getting the 2nd spot

Congrats Emre! I knew you would be among the winners.

Well deserved!

All powered up 🚀
Thanks for such a great event.

Just a comment from a Hive user, this is the coolest shit I have encountered on hive.

I would like to become a contributing member to the prize pool.

Based on frequency of the hackathons, I'd happily contribute between 100 and 500 hive

Great selections Marky.

Tons of cool projects came from this and I'm glad the winners that were picked include ones that I personally thought were neat projects. We'll have to do this again some time for sure. Let me know when the next one is happening so I can pledge more HIVE towards the prize.

Good work to all those that entered the first hackathon!

 2 years ago 

Awesome selections, congrats all the winners.

First place is definitely correct. Hiveonboard is amazing, and their proxy account creation method is quite possibly the best one around.

Yes that's correct, it's one of the best application came out from Hackathon.

Not just one, I'd say its THE best application to come out of the hackathon.

nice to see the enthusiasm and growth!

Congratulations to the winners.
Best wishes ahead.

Congrats to all the winners. I definitely agree with first place!

Looking forward to supporting the next hackathon with a more generous donation.

Could we get a list of all entries?

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This is great....

Enormous prizes, that's quite the contest everyone wished to be in. Great initiative nevertheless, keep them coming!

Congrats to the winners. Rehived :-)


I've been anxiously waiting for this post! Thanks for a terrific 'hive booster' AND content for all.

Some familiar and some names that are new to me. Now that you've run the first one you should get some really good participation for the next! That's some seriously good stuff!

Thanks again. A wonderful promotion for our home.


This is truly extraordinary sir, hopefully always in his blessing,

thanks for this amazing idea with Hackathon.
even though I'm not among the winners,
it was the first time I ever interacted with a blockchain, worked with Vue/Nuxt
and programmed since 2018,
I won my prize - knowledge - anyway, I didn't expect it's actually so easy to interact with the blockchain.
glad to hear it's gonna happen on a regular basis and glad we now have more open source Hive-based projects
so that some newbies now have more educational materials to learn how to work with Hive.

Congratulations to all the winners!

 2 years ago (edited)

Tebrikler. @emrebeyler . Gururlandık.

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope to see more.

Congratulations to everyone who made this first hackathon possible.

Job well done mate.

Glad to see some excellent results from the Hackathon.

Look forwards to "watching" the next one when it happens.