Only three days left to get your submissions in for the STEMGeek's Hackathon

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You can read the original post here.

So far there have been three official entries submitted:

Currently, these are the only eligible entries. If you are working on an entry, make sure you submit prior to the deadline. Please check them out and leave your feedback in the comments.

I know there are a lot of projects being worked on and I am really excited to see what gets submitted.


I want to thank everyone who has donated to this event. The turn out is amazing. I was hoping to raise 10,000 Hive to have something amazing, and we are over 12,500 Hive in prizes.

@themarkymark - 1,000 Hive
@innerhive - 1,000 Hive
@theycallmedan - 5,000 Hive
@steemychicken1 - 1,000 Hive
@liondani - 1,000 Hive
@yabapmatt - 1,000 Hive
@peakd - 2,000 Hive
@originate - 150 Hive
@memehub - 100 Hive
@taskmaster4450 - 250 Hive
@slider2990 - 25 Hive
@klye - 13.370 Hive
@fw206 - 25 Hive
@circa - 20 Hive - 40 Hive

There is still time to add to the prize pool but sending Hive (no HBD please) to @prizepool. The prize pool will be split 50%/30%/20% between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


I want to repeat the rules here, so everyone participating understands them.

  • All projects must be open source and provide a public repo.
  • All projects must be unique and your own work, you are free to use only open source elements and your own code to build your project.
  • Any third-party code/libraries used should be mentioned in your entry.
  • Your project must be exclusive to Hive.
  • Your project must be new and have started after the release of this post.
  • You can work in teams and I can split the prize between team members if requested.
  • The deadline is firm and submitting your entry even a second later will disqualify you. Pay attention to the deadline and plan accordingly.
  • You must submit a post with your entry in the #hackathon-entries channel in the STEMGeeks Discord. Please use this channel only for submitting entries.

These rules are firm and there will be no exceptions. It is up to you to make sure you comply and submit in time.


The STEMGeek's Hackathon now has a website which you can find at I want to thank @asgarth for his help making one so quickly.

This website will help gain external exposure to this and future events and is a work in progress.

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Can't wait to see what people are producing! Brilliant initiative for encouraging development on the chain :-)

 2 years ago 

#posh in the house

I heard from the Philippines doing a dapp but not sure if it's fine to submit here. Is it? So that I will them about this contest..

Rehived. Hopefully there will come more entries :-)