Entry for STEMGeek's First Hackathon: hiveonboard.com

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After a week of sleepless nights, I'am ready to submit my work on hiveonboard.com as an entry for STEMGeek's First Hackathon.

Since I already covered a lot about this project in @hiveonboard blog, I'll stick on Marky's guidelines for Hackathon entries. So here we go!


Description of Project and the problem it solves

Hiveonboard.com is designed as an entry point for people who are interested in HIVE and don't even know how to use this platform. The main scope was to make the process of creating an account as easy as possible without the barrier of a paywall.

The scope on this project is divided in three main categories:

  • Learn
    This section will filled with a lot of high quality content when it comes to learn about HIVE. Why is HIVE so awesome? Why should people invest in HIVE? Ho does HIVE work? All those questions should be answered in a really user-friendly way. Adding content to this section was put on the road-map but didn't make into this entry because I've deceided to focus my work on account creation.

  • Create Account
    This is the most important use-case is fully covered in many aspects in @hiveonboard blog

  • Explore
    This section currently holds information about widly used dApps and will be extended with other HIVE services on a later date. Like the "Learn" section it wasn't the main focus right now.

The problem which the project is trying to solve is to provide the HIVE system with a relieable, scalable and easy to use account registration service which can be used by individuals or other HIVE dApps.

From my point of view, it's important for HIVE right now, that DEVs could focus on the value they create with their dApp and not reinventing the wheel when it comes to account creation.

Since I don't really want to repeat all that stuff that was already written, I hope it's pretty much OK, when I just drop the links to posts which will go in depth of the project and what it has achieved so far.

  1. Introducing hiveonboard.com - free HIVE account creation service
  2. Major Updates, SMS Verification and more
  3. Solving the Scalability Issue for Account Creation - no more HP delegations required

Link to GitHub Repository
Link to live project

Right now there is a almost never ending list of feature requests and further improvements to be made.
I have just forced myself stop coding for now and write this post for getting this entry into the chain before hitting the deadline.

Just Do It

I really want to thank @themarkymark and the staff behind the STEMGeek's Hackathon for motivating me to start a HIVE contribution. After a week of spare-time-coding and a lot sleep deprivation I realize that not the price pool is the most rewarding aspect of this event. There were a lot of more valuable aspects for me. It already was such great experience working with the community and meeting so many talented and inspiring persons, which I heard a lot of before, but never got involved with them before. This has changed!

I'am happy to tell you right now a lot of teaming up is happening and there are exciting things on the road!

Since the blog on @hiveonboard already received a tremendous amount of post rewards, this one will decline rewards. Please consider voting for all of those other great projects entering the Hackathon.

Over and out for today!


Hi @roomservice. We love HiveOnboard. Wanted to raise one issue. @hivepeople and I noticed new users on mobile devices run into invalid username warning. This is because iOS and Android keyboards will auto-capitalize the word.

Please add a warning or force the username to all lower case to make the username selection step easier for noobs.

Here is one example where a user struggled with this issue. Reported to us on Twitter.

Thanks for reporting! Just fixed it.

so good! thank you. You just made a lot of people happy.😃

fantastic. I for one am really happy that you are doing this very important, i would say CRUCIAL work. I can help write the Learn section if you want...
Thank you for doing this, it's been needing to be done for four years!
I have a few suggestions:

  1. Force the account creation name to be only lowercase, as there are now many people who are using capital letters in their account creation process, but who are failing, and don't know why. I helped someone on twitter tonight and have done so before.
  2. Make the check mark the color green (not gray), when the account name is available.

thank you again.

Thanks for reporting!
Both issues are fixed now - regarding 2. the form fields currently make use of theme colors which are hive red and hive gray. In-case the username is alright, it will be rendered in hive gray instead of green, hope that's OK.

If possible try to report bugs / improvement ideas on GitHub Link, it's much more easier for me to lookup those one just one place.

oK. i will report these on github from now on. thanks.....the green check mark is just a wish edit.....it's ok, but i was expecting green not gray. LOL. I do appreciate you replying as to why it's gray....can't wait til the refer a friend feature is live. thank you again.

Under the hood, it's already working.
Right now I'am working together with peakd.com and 3speak.online because there is a requirement for HIVE frontends to integrate it. It will make use of existing features of the blockchain as well. The way it's designed, it will give every one who referred someone to HIVE an incentive to care about the new user. This way we could solve the lack of ressource credits issue as well.

For now you can already make use of it and pass this link:

When it's ready details will be revealed :)

awesome. Hey, I wrote a "LEARN" section for Hiveonboarding.com. It is a first draft, so people can add or edit it: https://peakd.com/hiveonboard/@hivepeople/learn-about-hive-section-for-hiveonboard-com-use-or-edit-this-roomservice

Thanks a lot!

I'll copy paste it in the next few days and we can improve further from there!

great, glad to help.

so awesome. I will send it out for sure. thanks

I've also added the referral information to the daily reports, like this one from today:

Since nobody is aware of this feature right now, the referral defaults to @hiveonboard if it's not provided in the link. More details will be revealed soon!


Your project is great. Helping onboard is definitely an importnat part to Hive.

excellent! great to hear this.

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The Hive Gamification Proposal

I wonder what happens if I reach OVERNINETHOUSAND?

Over 9000 comments? would be interesting to see 😉
It would be very appreciated if you could vote for our proposal on Peakd.com so we can keep up the good work!
cheers, liz

Done! Thanks for you work, really like it!

Awesome! Thank you for your unfailing support @roomservice, really appreciated!🙏🙏❤️❤️
cheers, liz


Great entry

Excellent push of a service like this! Onboarding is one of those things that if not handled correctly leads to more headaches. Seems you've handled things correctly here.

Good work.

Thank you very much!

Your project is great

Thanks for sharing part of the hackathon reward. You are reminding me why this community is amazing.

I checked out your project and love it. Really great way to grow hive organically.

Thanks for the HIVE!

I've decided to convert it to HP and increase my delegation to a project I believe in -> @steembasicincome

Congratulations you are the sinner of the hackaton!