Study Suggests Strength Training Might Be Just As Effective For Fat Burning Too

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The general assumption is that for fat burning cardio is needed but a new study has suggested that strength training might be as effective for burning fat too. The study, by the University of New South Wales, suggests that you might be able to lose around 1.4% body fat through strength training.

This means that even if someone is doing strength training on their own, without all of the cardio, that they might still be able to lose the fat because of it, according to research like this. This means that without the diet or cardio, the strength training has been making a difference for some people and it has been resulting in them losing body fat.

More investigation is needed to better understand the relationship but it does give some more insight into the benefit that might come from strength training. Those who already do strength training regularly might not be surprised by the study results from this recent research on the topic.

The study isn't the first investigation into the possible relationship between strength training and fat loss, there is still a widespread assumption or myth out there that you cannot obtain that fat loss by doing strength training alone. Those myths have been argued for years but they are still prevalent.

Other studies on weight training have also suggested that you are never too old to start, and that even in our seventies and eighties that there is still that possibility for individuals to be able to build muscle at the same rate as life-long athletes.

This should be encouraging news for those who are still looking for some improvement in their lives, wondering if that change is at all possible in those later years, even after spending years investing in an unhealthy or inactive lifestyle.

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Working out is working out. :P That's really good to know!