Gridcoin HBI & STEM contest #28 - Nominate an awesome author and win!

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As you can see, I have decided to bring back the Gridcoin HBI program but this time with a twist. Instead of just having a list and give HBI in order, you will now have to do something. Nominate a post from the #STEM tribe or #science, #technology, #engineering, #mathematics, #gridcoin and #boinc categories and you could win a share of HBI, 50 GRC or 30 STEM tokens. Your nominee will also receive a prize.

Last Week winners

1 @holovision nominated the following post By @newton666:

Science contained in a laser


Within quantum mechanics we have the laser, as a mechanism capable of amplifying light by means of stimulated emission of radiation, but the interesting thing is that it creates a light phenomenon, where this type of radiation is synchronized by means of a concentrated beam and in turn this It is thin in a coherent way, since at the molecular level an irradiation from the atoms occurs, we remember these are evidenced by the photons, which do not refer to it as matter but as energy, which is why the laser is a light source it travels in parallel and its energy practically does not decrease with distance.


Weekly Rewards

@holovision1 HBI@newton66630 STEM


Bonus Winner

Vote #namerewardproof
3jedigeiss1 HBI

What is @steembasicincome? FAQ


Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

How this is going to work

It's fairly simple, you simply need to nominate a post that you find interesting from the STEM tribe or the gridcoin | boinc category by putting a link to it in comments.

Each following week, winning posts will be highlighted, both winners and nominated posts will receive a reward of their choice, if they answer in a timely manner. Otherwise I'll flip a coin.


  1. Nominate new posts no older than 1 week.
  2. Posts cannot contain plagiarized content.
  3. You can nominate boinc badge posts as long as they follow other rules.
  4. Do not nominate posts from blacklisted users.
  5. Put your GRC address in the comment if you want to be able to win the GRC prize.
  6. You can nominate your own posts.

Thank you and have a nice day.


I'd like to nominate this post.
I don't know if it is eligible, but it should be since steemstem curated it.