PSA: Communities are live on Steemit! Gridcoin has one!

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image source: Gridcoin Reddit banner

Communities have gone live on!

Gridcoin has such a community HERE! Be sure to join and get posting!

Also if you prefer too use SteamPeak communities are also available there on the beta site. HERE!
EDIT: As it turns out SteemPeak has also released communities! HERE!

Communities provide a more focused access point to topics and discussions! I'm glad to see they are coming out of beta.

As for what is Gridcoin?

It's a cryptocurrency that rewards people for contributing to BOINC a distributed super commuter used by scientists all over the works for scientific research!
Help find cures for cancer, search for alien life, map the galaxy and many more things and get rewarded in Gridcoin!

Check us out at
We also have a discord server: Here

I look forward to seeing some activity over there!


you can embed the discord server into the community page on steempeak.

I made one too on steempeak before knowing you had made one haha

Yeah it'd be nice to get the discord server intergration sorted but I'd need to find out who has access to server controls to set up the 3rd party bot.