Green Ideas Wanted!

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Green Ideas Wanted

Hello all! Here at Oklahoma State University(OSU) we are fortunate enough to have a green initiative scholarship fund. This spring semester of 2022 they are offering $5000 in funds to student organizations who can come up with some way of making our campus greener. Currently here at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at OSU we are trying to come up with certain ideas to help our campus. We already have plastic bottle, paper and plastic bag recycling, but that is all we know at the moment.

Ideas we were thinking of:

  • Composting
    We were thinking of somehow implementing composting. If you worked in the food industry in the United States you know how much food gets thrown away at the end of the day. We want to use that food to either create methane to then be converted into hydrogen or rich nutrient soil to be used for gardening.
  • Create a hydrogen plant from the on campus solar panel farm
    The on campus solar panel farm is small but it is not being used. One of our ideas is to run a Hive Node on it, but another idea is to use the electricity to create some hydrogen which can then be used in the natural gas buses on campus. We are looking into collaborating with chemical engineering students.

Looking for other ideas! Anything!

We are trying to make our campus more green and we are looking for any ideas anyone might have! Please feel free comment or to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you very much!


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